Tyger, Tyger, Burning Links

Hmm, Apple.

The best US opening for a documentary in the history of cinema.

The Supreme Court finally gets around to deciding that Enemy Combatants have access to the US court system.

You're free, Iraq! Your new unelected leaders are thinking about imposing martial law, but they can tell us to go home whenever they want. Except they won't. Still, you must feel a warm glow now that we've given you your sovereignty back, eh?

The Guardian's coverage of Glastonbury 2004. (my short review, gleaned from the BBC: Oasis stood for an hour and ten minutes - nice one, lads. Perhaps next time, Liam could speak? Scissor Sisters - so cool. Goldfrapp - erm, nice tail. Basement Jaxx - lots of costume changes. That was all I saw)

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