Little things I’m going to miss about Chapel Hill: I was walking down Franklin Street yesterday afternoon to get something to eat, when I see the owner of the Jersey Mike’s Subs on Columbia up ahead. Now, I ate there about five times last year, including during The Ice Storm where it was one of the few places open. I wasn’t exactly a regular. But he sees me and recognition flashes across his face. He comes over, eager to know how I’m doing these days. Admittedly, the accent probably helps to make me stand out a little, but it was a nice feeling nonetheless.

This flight's SkyMall intrigue is an advertisement for temporary tattoos. It has a child proudly showing off his tattooed arm, with a speech bubble saying "Look! I'm a walking billboard!" Someone get that kid a copy of No Logo, stat.

Annoyingly, I broke the display on my CD player yesterday. I was walking back to campus after a rather long and pointless trip around Airport Road (no, I don't know either, to be honest), when the cable wrapped around a fire hydrant. I didn't notice, so I had one of those moments where I end up looking dumb, trying to walk forward and then getting pulled back by the tension in the cable. After I'd picked myself up, I discovered that the LCD display was no longer working. Grr.

Ooh. Turbulence. Fun.

I don't think I took enough pictures. I walked around with my camera at all times, but kept on forgetting about it whenever I was with people. I have lots of scenery, but little else. Although, considering some of the situations, that may be a blessing in disguise.

Time to go to sleep, I think. Goodbye again, Chapel Hill. Hello, Britain. How have you been?

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