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Yes, it’s another cut-price weblog entry, replete with links that you’ve either been bored with a month ago, or dull things that you’d never considering looking for. I live to serve.

First up: The Elvis. The finest in American sandwich-science. Is anybody game enough to try it?

More spectacular news about the all-new Top of The Pops. Ooh. Three weeks of Victoria Beckham, that'll give the show a shot in the arm. For those of you who aren't in the UK, it's difficult to explain quite how culturally important this show has been over the past thirty-five years (I suppose I could say it's a bit like MTV, only it isn't a channel, it only lasts for thirty minutes, and isn't backed to by a huge multinational conglomeration. So it's not much like MTV at all, really). Suffice to say, for every week since 1967, TOTP has provided a snapshot of the country's taste in music. Most of the time, it's pretty bad; in 1982, people actually went to shops and actually bought Renee and Rento's Save Your Love without being openly derided by right-thinking people (WARNING: if you click that link, I accept no responsibility for any ill effects it will cause. Your ears are precious. Anything, I mean ANYTHING else from 1982 is preferable). On the other hand, the programme records the moments of genius as well: Rod Stewart performing "Maggie May" with John Peel playing along, Dexy's Midnight Runners singing "Jackie Wilson Says" in front of a portrait of the Jock Wilson, famed darts player, the indie-dance episode that had both The Stone Roses and the Happy Mondays in the same studio, Nirvana's weird rendition of "Smells Like Street Spirit", and many more. When I was eight, we'd all come into school on Friday morning talking about last night's TOTP, about how good Salt-n-Pepa were, having fights over The Bangles' "Eternal Flame", and wondering just why Fuzzbox wanted the help of International Rescue.

Umm, there was a point here somewhere. Oh yes. Over the past few years, TOTP has been marginalised, shunted to a Friday night slot up against the most-watched programme in Britain, and yes, it's seen better days. I'm not sure whether extending the programme, cutting back on the music, and filling the time with fluff interviews is the way to go myself. But who knows? It could be good. Once Victoria Beckham's residency is over, naturally.

Next up, the people over at Suprnova. Normally, I can't complain; they make it easy for people to grab BitTorrent links of their favourite shows and pirate the latest cinema releases. My complaint at the moment, though is this: STOP RE-ENCODING KILL BILL AND DO THE FILMS I WANT TO DOWNLOAD! Thank you.

I haven't seen this but, apparently, the Swedish Chef attempts to eat Big Bird, and there's this exchange which officially makes it one of the Greatest Films Ever:

Kermit, Doc, Sprockett and The Count are looking outside at the raging blizzard

DOC: Boy, that storm sure is getting worse!

KERMIT: Yeah, I hope Miss Piggy will be OK.

DOC: (to the Count) That is one worried frog, I tell you.

COUNT: Aha! That's One...One worried frog!
(Robin enters)

ROBIN: And he's not the only one!

COUNT: That's two...two worried frogs! Aha-ha-ha-ha! (thunder and lightning outside)

It's genius, I tell you.

Did you ever want to know about the Zip Code and how it came to be? Well, then go here and satisfy that desire. We won't tell anybody. Honest.

Jimmy Has Fancy Plans, and Pants To Match.

And finally, a shaggy dog story from Raleigh, North Carolina.

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