Please Don't Take Your Pictures

I think a shout out to Allison Walsh is required, considering that almost everyone I’ve spoken to in the past couple of days has said that she told them that this site was a good read. I suggest stronger glasses, but thanks for the kind words.

America needs to import Strepsils and industrial strength Lemsip.

Went to Henry's last night. It's the night that all the International students go, and I went a few times last year. It's always extremely busy, and last night was no exception. It was hard to hear the person next to you talking. But still, a good time was had; I met up with (and I apologise in advance for spelling the names wrong - hold on a second (takes off UNITAS t-shirt to look at the names)) Ai Ling, Li Li and Kira, as well as Sona and Parthe, so it turned out to a mini UNITAS reunion. Everybody seems to be leaving for the weekend, so Thursday is going to be the last night I'll be seeing most people. Almost time to go again.

For the UK readers: you'll be pleased to know it has been raining almost all day today. However, it's 20˚C, so I think I still win.

What to do with the rest of today? Hunting through the second-hand bins for a copy of JAMC's "Just Like Honey"? Some Iranian cinema? I think so.

Ninety days to go. Ninety days to go.

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