50 Minutes of Screaming

Thanks to the BBC’s quite useful website, I managed to watch tonight’s Question Time (video quality was awful, but with a programme like QT, you only really need audio). An entertaining hour, if surprising to discover that the person getting the most cheers was Michael Moore. I think a backlash is slowly beginning to gain some momentum.

My mentor at UNC complimented me on this site today, so I’d just like to say thanks, if he’s still reading. I’m a bit more talkative on here than in real life - I apologise for being a bit shy today…

Looking at the date, it seems that I’ve now been here for a month, which is normally the point where I stop keeping track of such things. And I haven’t boarded a plane home yet. So things are going reasonably well. I’ve also just discovered that the university does in fact have a film society, and I went to the first meeting tonight. It’s a little bit more involved than Manchester’s ‘Let’s put a film on every so often’ take on things. The CPG produces a short film every semester. They teach you how to light, edit, operate cameras, and create sets. They have a sister screenwriting group that meets twice a month to spitball ideas - plus seminars with people like Chuck Palahniuk. It costs $10 for a year. I left with a big smile.

I’ve spent the last hour trying to find out whether it’s better to order the Dexy’s back catalogure from here or the UK. I’m blaming Kieron.

currently playing: Dexy’s Midnight Runners - Kevin Rowlands 13th Time