Partial Successes

Well, I don’t think I know much about BSD sockets, but it can’t be that hard, right? Excuse me while I pause for laughter.

I got the compiler stuff working about an hour ago. I plan to keep very quiet tomorrow, as I don’t think that I’m up to the task of explaining how it works (and I’m convinced that any attempt to do so will cause the program to suddenly stop working). But at least I’m not panicked as much as I was yesterday.

The new Sleater-Kinney album is excellent, by the way.

Still haven’t got my office, but I now have a key that opens the door. Getting there slowly. I’m not sure just what the grading of the undergraduate programs involves yet; there was a mention of an automatic tool, but I suppose I’ll find out more next week.

Lunch today was an introduction to an American BLT. My God. An inch of lettuce, another inch of bacon, almost half a tomato, and what seemed like a full jar of mayonnaise. I may return.

Despite having a long list of comics to buy, I left the comic shop with nothing. Which was a surprise, but I decided that I really didn’t need books like Captain America #4, even if they do have fabulous art by John Cassaday. On the other hand, I may have to return to pick up the Invisibles Guide and the second Animal Man book next week.

Friday is my day for exploring. I shall be getting on various buses, and discovering where they all lead. I just hope I don’t end up in Durham by mistake…

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