Carmichael 531, Where Are You?

The first thought that crossed my mind as I stepped out of Durham airport was “I’m going to die. They’ll find my dessicated body in under two weeks.” By the end of the week, the thought had transmuted to “If the heat doesn’t kill me, the University might.”

Actually, the weather isn’t quite as bad as I feared. Yes, it’s hot, but I seem to cope rather well, considering the state of the climate back home in Europe. Culture shock has yet to fully hit me, although it’s been a tough task trying to decipher some people’s accents. I’ll get used to them. Eventually.

The course looks…welll…hard, to be honest. Everybody seems to be incredibly clever, and I expect someone to jump on me at any moment, pointing out that I’m a fraud, and that I should be deported immediately. My family have threatened to hurt me if I continue this line of thought, but I can’t help feeling that I’m out of place. Which is probably because I am different from all of them, at least in the subtle way of being from Britain rather than anywhere else, and it makes me hyperaware of everything and everyone, increasing me shyness to the point where I find it difficult to communicate with anyone. Which is great. Still, there’s plenty of time to get to know everybody, I suppose.

Pictures will be coming soon, after I convince Windows to understand that I now have a USB keyboard and mouse…

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