"You've got to let the old world go"

Every time one of my favourite bands releases a new record, I tend to get rather apprehensive. The concept of 10-12 new songs, that I haven’t heard before, that could completely change how I feel about them, unsettles. I worry that the new album will suck. A copy of the first track from the new Sleater-Kinney release, One Beat, fell into my hands on Friday.

I’m sorry I even doubted them for a second.

‘One Beat’ is the most irresistible song you’ll hear this year, I promise. A diatibe of Thomas Edison, Chaos Theory and oil fields, welded to a fantastic machine-gun rhythm of drums and guitar. It’s as much a call to arms as ‘Ballad of a Ladyman’ was, but this time, they Really Mean It. Roll on August…