Parts Unknown

I’ll admit; I had a long-standing prejudice against Anthony Bourdain for a few years. I perhaps relied too much on a friend’s construction of him as just another arrogant chef. It wasn’t until many years later, when another friend suggested watching an episode of No Reservations[^] that I discovered I was completely wrong. Kitchen Confidential may have been full of cocky swagger, but here was somebody intensely curious about the world and the people that inhabit it; and whether it was a Waffle House or somewhere in Eastern Europe or whereever, he was always respectful and never condescending.

A grown-up’s version of Brian Cant. And you can’t say better than that, in my little opinion.

And every day the darkness grows darker and the way out smaller and smaller. But hey, how has your week been?

[1]: (or was it Parts Unknown? I don’t suppose it matters for the story, though another sign that my memory is slowly failing me)