Spending the Easter weekend in bed, it seems…

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He Was So Checking You Out There

Back, but still getting used to things. Just to confuse myself, I thought I’d post some music today, instead of Friday. I’m using a new server, so let me know if you have problems getting the files…

Big Audio DynamiteThe Bottom Line

This song popped into my head during the ride to the airport on Saturday (a certain section of the lyric, especially ;-)), so I thought I'd share it here today. It's very 1980s, so consider yourself warned.

Wilco — Muzzle of Bees

This is from "A Ghost Is Born", their new album which will be released in June. Thank goodness for Internet leaks…

Morrissey — Irish Blood, English Heart

I think this has been released to radio now, but I can't seem to find a proper version at the moment, so here's a live version instead. I suppose it's a thinly veiled response to the NME's "Union Jack" angle of the past ten years, but I also think it fits alongside Dexy's "My National Pride" as an examination of the struggle between English and Irish identities. Or it might just be a fun pop song.

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One Careful Owner

Delivery not included.  Buyer must pick-up from current location and incur collection costs.  Return not accepted.

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Little things I’m going to miss about Chapel Hill: I was walking down Franklin Street yesterday afternoon to get something to eat, when I see the owner of the Jersey Mike’s Subs on Columbia up ahead. Now, I ate there about five times last year, including during The Ice Storm where it was one of the few places open. I wasn’t exactly a regular. But he sees me and recognition flashes across his face. He comes over, eager to know how I’m doing these days. Admittedly, the accent probably helps to make me stand out a little, but it was a nice feeling nonetheless.

This flight's SkyMall intrigue is an advertisement for temporary tattoos. It has a child proudly showing off his tattooed arm, with a speech bubble saying "Look! I'm a walking billboard!" Someone get that kid a copy of No Logo, stat.

Annoyingly, I broke the display on my CD player yesterday. I was walking back to campus after a rather long and pointless trip around Airport Road (no, I don't know either, to be honest), when the cable wrapped around a fire hydrant. I didn't notice, so I had one of those moments where I end up looking dumb, trying to walk forward and then getting pulled back by the tension in the cable. After I'd picked myself up, I discovered that the LCD display was no longer working. Grr.

Ooh. Turbulence. Fun.

I don't think I took enough pictures. I walked around with my camera at all times, but kept on forgetting about it whenever I was with people. I have lots of scenery, but little else. Although, considering some of the situations, that may be a blessing in disguise.

Time to go to sleep, I think. Goodbye again, Chapel Hill. Hello, Britain. How have you been?

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Leaving Again

Time to say goodbye once more.

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23 Hour Party People

I deleted the last entry because it sounded a bit too “You don’t have the first album? Well, it is quite rare.” Anyway, last night I discovered just how bad I am at making things with play-doh, and that I really can’t draw with my eyes closed.

Today, I have new glasses, thanks to Leigh, who came along with me to make sure I didn't choose anything too hideous (she did pick out a few Elton John-esque pairs, includiing a weird red and white striped abomination…)

One more full day left…

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I have been keeping up with the Richard Clarke story, as it has provided me with no end of laughs over the past two weeks. No matter what the Administration throws at him, he just keeps on coming. And now, he’s managed to get them in a position where Rice is testifying under oath, despite the howls of protest last week that doing so would split the Liberty Bell in two, set the Declaration of Independence aflame, and turn the Statue of Liberty a splendid shade of pink. ho ho ho.

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And don't mention the Catholics, either

This is Gary. Gary used to be a Hell's Angel. He was running dope across Arizona in the late 1970s, until one day, in 1979, he found God. He's now a born-again Christian preacher, who comes to the campus to assail the students in the Fall and Spring. Gary intrigues me, because he's never going to make headway on campus telling everybody that they're going to hell, that homosexuals will burn in eternal damnation, that woman's place is in the home, and that white people should stay separate from black people. He's not prepared to have a reasoned argument; he ignores people who are making well-thoughtout points, instead choosing to twist words and jump on slips of the tongue.

And yet he keeps coming back. The techno-listening girl who I teamed up with said that he gets paid for this, but still, after a while you'd think he'd get a little discouraged…

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Empirical data on file-sharing's effect on album sales

UNC Chapel Hill says: we’re not killing the music industry!

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I Don't Care If Monday's Blue

Okay, so I was still wandering around Chapel Hill in the same clothes I had on last night (Thursday). I left Kavi a message on her voicemail, but she was at school all day, so she never got a chance to check. I went off back to the house with the Giant Key, to see if I could get any explanation. Sadly, nobody was home, so I took a sales brochure instead (and every photo was staged to avoid showing the key, which seems a shame), and headed back to campus.

Laura, Stacie and I went to see Migrations: Humanity In Transition at the Ackland Art Museum. It's a series of photographs showing the dispossessed, refugees, and migrants from all over the world. It was rather sobering, to say the least.

Someone stole Laura's back wheel. Admittedly, if she was in Manchester, they would have stolen the seat as well, but still…

In the early evening (note: still haven't changed yet), I went to Pittsboro with Stacie and Collin to sample "The Best Barbeque In The Country". We had a little setback when we first arrived, as we discovered that they only took cash, but the food was well worth the five mile trip to the nearest ATM. And then, a call from Kavi! She made sure I was still alive, and was quite impressed to hear that I was in Pittsboro (although I think she may have thought that I waled to begin with ;-)).

Then, the buying of alcohol. This entry now becomes a little hazier…

Stacie dropped me off at Kavi's so I could have a shower and get changed (yay!), before picking me up later on, and heading over to Laura's.

There was a little too much alcohol consumed. There was also a falling table, pokey sticks, various sing-a-longs, an Eliot quoting team-up between myself and John Steen (who was also called Warren, leading to the first time Empire Records has been useful in a life sense), more drinking, voicemail messages, and an email which apparently includes my handiwork, but I have no recollection of writing it.

I woke up on Saturday, back on Laura's couch again.

It's quite funny; the weekends themselves have been rather quiet; it's the weekdays that have seen and heard weird and wonderful things. And now I only have a few days left once again. Time to make sure they count…

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