Miracles and Marvels!

From Todd McFarlane’s rejected appeal of Gaiman v. McFarlane:

To make him credibly medieval, Gaiman in his script has Olden Days Spawn say to a damsel in apparent distress, “Good day, sweet maiden.” The “damsel” is none other than Angela, a “maiden” only in the sense of making her maiden appearance in Spawn No. 9. Angela is in fact a “warrior angel and villain” who, scantily clad in a dominatrix outfit, quickly dispatches the unsuspecting Olden Days Spawn with her lance.
Is it just me, or can you hear the sarcasm dripping from the judge here? I must admit that I haven’t read Spawn #9 (but I have read #10, which gets me essential indie-cred points due to it being the Dave Sim issue, but I lose more points for admitting I’ve read a Spawn comic, I suppose), so the judge could be simplifying for comic (ha-ha!) effect.
The contents of a comic book are typically the joint work of four artists—the writer, the penciler who creates the art work (McFarlane), the inker (also McFarlane, in the case of Spawn No. 9, but it would often be a different person from the penciler) who makes a black and white plate of the art work, and the colorist who colors it.
The Letterers Union #151 will have something to say about that, of course. Unless you really like silent issues.
Medieval Spawn may seem to present a closer case than Cogliostro so far as copyrightability is concerned, because he has no name in Spawn No. 9. In fact he has never been named—“Medieval Spawn” is a description, not a proper name. But the Lone Ranger doesn’t have a proper name either (at least not one known to most of his audience—actually he does have a proper name, John Reid), so that can’t be critical. A more telling objection to copyrightability is that the identifier, “Medieval Spawn,” was added by McFarlane in subsequent issues of Spawn to which Gaiman did not contribute. Only his costume and manner of speech, together with the medieval background, distinguish him in Spawn No. 9 from other Hellspawn.
You see? Fun legal reading, plus you get to find out just who the Lone Ranger was. What more could you ask for? New TPBs of Miracleman, reprinting a classic comic series that has been tragically out of print for almost two decades now? Thank you, Todd. Now, if we could just get Grant Morrison to sort out a deal with Rebellion and release the thousands of Zenith trades currently stuck in a warehouse in Milton Keynes…

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Not good news, is it? But don’t worry about that, America. Without a constitutional amendment, homosexuals will be able to marry each other! That’s more important! PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE ECONOMY BEHIND THE CURTAIN!

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Monday's No Fun

Ice Pops in Hell! Pat Buchanan says something that doesn’t seem a whole barrel of crazy (thanks, Stacie for the link).

The ongoing death of the magazine cover.

Adventures in Tech Support! (Or: Why you should never phone a tech support hotline unless you're prepared for a special delivery of pain).

Bwahahahaha. This is a great idea. The Pentagon can stick the Neocons on Earth-2, and let them play out all their little fantasies, thus making the world a safer, saner place.

Third-party Candidates everywhere!

Truly Outrageous!

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Activist Judges Are Killing The Music Industry

This week, we’re going back to the late 1980s, and The Field Mice. Jangly guitars forever! Or something.

(yes, I prefer the Saint Etienne version as well. But does it have jangly guitars? NO! And that's the mood I'm in today. Hush, or I'll stick a Prefab Sprout or Aztec Camera track up as well…)

For those of you who remember the God-like Genius that is Empire Records (there can be no bad words said about this film. Okay, you could, but you'd be Mad and Wrong), you might recall a post-punk version of Money (That's What I Want) that gets played in the background of a few scenes. This is not that song. But it is a cover by the same band, so it almost fits. I just wanted an excuse to mention Empire Records…

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"Stop…Carry on?"

It’s not entirely unexpected, but still rather sad to hear that Mark and Lard, mainstays of Radio 1 for the past ten years, are splitting up and moving to Radio 2 and 6 respectively. What will we do without High Tea and Tosspots? Who will ask us if we “Fancy A Brew”? What will happen to Lard’s “Waaarp” sanctuary? Will Frogging become a pay-per-view sport only available to Freeview viewers who press red now?

Here's the liner notes for "Reverse Midas Touch", a compilation of their greatest Records of The Week (complete with chart placings so they could see just how much an effect they had on the chart; it wasn't pretty), that I sent to them a few years ago.

Reverse Midas Touch

Mark and Lard began their afternoon show on October 13th 1997, having help to ease the burden on Radio 1's overworked transmitters by chopping off two million listeners from the Breakfast Show's audience.

The hapless duo stated their intention to perform as well in the afternoon as they did at breakfast, hoping to reduce the next RAJAR audience survey to double figures. They brought all-new (and some well-worn_ quality items to the show; who could forget the blazing originality of the Cheesily Cheerful Chart Challenge, or the staggering genius of "Flick or Trick"?

Who could resist Lard's sultry "Waaarrps", or Mark's slavish devotion to the Radio 1 playlist? Or the spectacular collaboration between Fat Harry White and the London Philharmonic Orchestra? This, and many more radio gems, are not included on this CD.

For this is a CD celebrating the Record of The Week. For anybody in Radio 1's target audience, that's all those bits of noise that the play before 911 comes on, or the latest number one by a Chancer With A Drum Machine Washing On The Right-Hand Side. For everybody else, seeing what the duo had picked for this week's record was worth sitting through the endless Steps/Lolly/insert playlisted song here.

They all had something in common. They sold six copies each.

So, without too much ado, we present "The Hit Parade of an alternate universe." A universe where the Lighthouse Family are indeed locked up in a lighthouse, and Michael Bolton is a failed hairdresser, and where the word "playlist" is verboten.

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"Do The Mashed Potato!"

"Weapons of Mass Destruction? Yeah, I'll talk about them. But first, let's do the HULA!"

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Grammar Nazis Rule OK

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

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Oh Lauren, So Much To Answer For

The new Johnny Vaughan show is not as bad as they say. It somehow manages to be worse. A drunken Westlife and Lauren Laverne reduced to pointing at pictures of people holding sausages. 8-(.

Why don't you turn off TV and do something more interesting instead? Because I'm on Tape Duty tonight; I have to record different programmes for my sister, some of which are on satellite, some need to be on the same tape, and some require the juggling of tapes before a tight deadline. I'm the only person in the family who can be trusted with this, so Bonnie has ordered that I can't visit her tonight, as getting the Brit Awards on video is more important than seeing me. I don't mind, oh no. Might just tape over the Justin Timberlake appearances with something more suitable, though. Muahahahaha....

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Brief Links

All you wanted to know about the leaked Windows source code (and probably a little more besides).

Flying the friendly, God-fearing skies. And, for Bonnie, even though she won’t see this until the weekend (she went into hospital today), a polier for an upcoming episode of the now-cancelled Angel:

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