A Moment of Silence, If You Will

After six years, going to America for nine months, several motherboards, power supplies, and processors, the Tower of Power has finally been retired. I am no longer running Windows. I am no longer running Linux. It’s quite sad, really. I now no longer have a desktop machine, for the first time since 1997.

My journey to the dark side of Apple is complete. Bwahahahaha!


Aside from a slightly dodgy start and Torchwood being so inept that a group of Cybermen can simply hide some plastic sheeting, that wasn’t too bad, was it? I think Russell has been reading Planetary and Ministry of Space along with Halo Jones - the barbed comment about Torchwood tech not being for the general public spoke volumes (I haven’t seen Confidential yet, which apparently goes into the Torchwood setup into further detail, but I’ve love them to actually run with that concept instead of making them ‘the good guys’).

Given that the Nation estate probably wouldn’t stand for a Cybermen victory, I’m expecting the Daleks to thin out the metal men ranks fairly swiftly. And who wants to put money on Rose being in that Void Ship by the end?

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O Happy Day

5-3, baby!

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A Sleater-Kinney XVI

  1. One Beat
  2. Good Things
  3. Modern Girl
  4. Ironclad
  5. You're No Rock'n'Roll Fun
  6. Was It A Lie?
  7. Banned From The End of The World
  8. Turn It On
  9. Words & Guitar
  10. Step Aside
  11. O2
  12. Leave You Behind
  13. What's Mine Is Yours
  14. I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone
  15. Quarter To Three
  16. Lions & Tigers

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Excuse me, I’m going to go in the corner and sulk for a while.

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That’s a lot of Noise.

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I Don't Want To Buy Now And Pay In September


It took eight years, but I finally met Kieron Gillen, fellow Kenickie-obsessive/videogame journalist/writer of comics/boy, he’s a busy man. I was in two minds as to whether to go and say hello, but I decided to try and skip past the shy thing for once (possibly not helped by essentially wanting to be KG all through my university career, but hey, there are worse role models. And I didn’t have the hair for Julian Rignell). And hurrah! We talked both before and after the Johnny Boy concert. There’s more to come about that, but most of it will probably end up being part of the Static review that I’ll be writing in the next couple of days. Suffice it to say that I think we’re both completely mystified as to why 15 Minutes is not in its 15th week residency in the charts. I’m currently entertaining fantasies of breaking into the feed for the final TOTP and giving over their final few minutes to a performance of You Are The Generation… Still, maybe they’ll garner some success in Japan.

Anyway, that was the end of the day, but the other parts were just as filled with happenings and crazy events, from the much-better-than-you’d-think combination of strawberry and beer to the consideration of how custard can affect house prices. Erm, yes. And pirates. Because no afternoon is complete without pirates. Arr. I met up with Forest Pines, his friend Miranda, and Kate from Shimura Curves at the Sun & Splendour in Notting Hill for a football-free afternoon of chat and drink (also joined by Ed a little later on in the day). From there, it was off! off! to the Shimura Curves concert, clutching our groupie cards that had each been kissed individually. You don’t get that sort of detail from most bands, do you?

I have to say that I felt like a hipster in the Notting Hill Arts Club, Or more appropriately, an interloper in hipster-ville. But it was fun - ‘Ver Curves combine the fun of 1960s girl-groups and dronerock. It shouldn’t work. But it really does. I hope you’ll all know the words to Noyfriend by the end of the year!

So that was a little round-up of my day in London. I would post pictures, but…er…I forgot to take any. Sorry. Perhaps next time!

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Johnny, we're your friends…what's got into you?


More. to follow.


I do feel like I’ve been neglecting the blog in the past week. I offer my humble apologies; it’s not as if I’ve been lacking for ideas, but I just haven’t had the time to write anything, giving that I’ve been watching season 2 of Gilmore Girls any time that I can. But! Here’s what you’ve missed so far:

  • A guide to the HMV sale, pointing out that if you’re interested in picking up back catalogue from either New Order or Madonna (or both! Go crazy!), then the current sale is good news, but for everything else, it’s a rather familiar line-up of titles.
  • How I fell in love with Radiohead’s Talk Show Host again.
  • A discussion about Doctor Who and how, aside from last week’s slight mis-step (I don’t mind if it attempts to do something different. In fact, I’m glad. I would just prefer it not to end up being rubbish, that’s all), the second half of this series has been quite strong. That would lead into talking about Fear Her, and how the show is really good when it’s using children for maximum creepy effect (see also: The Curse of Fenric; the only thing I really remember about that story is the hot goth vampire girls killing Nicholas Parsons because his cross wouldn’t work without belief).
  • Part one of an occasional series on Albums That Don’t Quite Suck As Much As People Say, which I will save for another time.
  • A worrying post about how I hope I don’t crawl into my shell when meeting everybody for the Shimura Curves gig tomorrow afternoon
  • A selection of YouTube TOTP links, including Tiffany (she had such a formative effect on me, it seems).
  • How Opera DS could be the greatest thing in the history of mankind. And possibly treekind as well. Oh, sure the trees look innocent and, well, stumpy, but behind our backs they’ve already invented faster-than-light travel and made an alliance with our eventual Squirrel Overlords.

So there you go. I hope you forgive me!

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My Lauren-Radar is Malfunctioning. Obviously.

Bets on how long this one will last?

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