StructType(Array(StructField('wibble', StringType, true)))

This is some great advice. In entirely unrelated news, as it was doing the rounds on Twitter, I was into day 3 (or 4?) of delving deep inside pulsar-spark. What I have ended up with is a Lovecraftian horror that dynamically intercepts Spark’s schema creation, adds a new StructType field, and in the deserialization pass, dumps the entire content of a Pulsar message into that field in case something goes wrong in the other fields1. After a week of 12-hour days, I can only reiterate that computers were a mistake.

As you might imagine, spending all that time working this week, I haven’t really had much of a chance to do much else. Other than spending Saturday night reading until 2am finally finishing the Horus Heresy sequence of books2 and through a variety of circumstances, ending up owning a 50” 4K TV that currently sits a little awkwardly in my bedroom. Although at least on that last one, the walk through Wal-Mart 70”-and-up range means you come out feeling like you could have been more ridiculous but were strong? Seriously, at some point, the TVs just become the size of a wall.

And no updates to But This Was A Fantasy either. Next week, though - three day weekend! So maybe, if you’re lucky, you might get something.

I am now going to curl into a corner until Monday comes.

  1. Which it does. [return]
  2. A special shoutout to Horus Heresy: Titandeath, which is Games Workshop essentially saying: “Hear us out: what about space mecha pilot lesbians? How triggered are you now, 4chan?” [return]