Furnaces & Driveways

Okay, if the fates could please let up after my optimistic comment a couple of weeks ago, that’d be grand. In the past week, part of my driveway surround has collapsed and the furnace died. The poor HVAC engineer handed over the quote and let me stare at the zeros until I sheepishly said “it’ll be just as much to replace it, won’t it?” We decided that it wasn’t a good idea to do all that patching up of a 20-year-old furnace when for $200 more, I could get a brand-new, much-more-efficient furnace that doesn’t have holes in its heat-exchanger pushing out carbon monoxide1. Which I now have, thanks to a very prompt installation, but oh my, an expensive week.

Also, I am not loving this weekend’s time change, as with it, somebody using the main road as a drag strip at 3am, seemingly floodlights being left shining at my window, a very warm bedroom (hey, the new furnace works!), and a cat determined to scratch her way into a closed bedroom, I haven’t got a lot of sleep this weekend.

I still fit in my jeans, though. So that’s the high point of the week sorted.

  1. Don’t worry, I have a CO detector and it hadn’t pinged at all. [return]