Tenko & Crackers!

For the record, it was Tenko that made me realise I’d forgotten to sort out crackers. And it was the Internet that allowed me to pay a somewhat extortionate amount to get a box on its way (Amazon does have Christmas crackers, but none of them have snaps inside, which seems to defeat the entire point of the things. Americans).

Again, though, not a week where a lot happened otherwise. I have begun planning and experimentation for a gingerbread construction that will hopefully take place next week, and the upcoming Sunday may in fact see the first real addition I add to the house. It’s just a chalkboard wall, but it has also been three years. I also dreamed I owned a shed last night, so apparently my lockdown dreams are also getting lockdown fever. Oh! And I have Christmas lights up now. It’s pretty festive now. Roll on the 26 desserts of Christmas! (yes, that is a real thing. I have told Americans it’s thing a we do. Don’t ruin what I’ve got going here…)

Check back here next for…well, it’s not going to be all that exciting, as I’m still not going anywhere…but it is my final week of work for the year, so after that’s it’s going to be festive pictures on here until 2021. You have been warned.