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This week I finally got to open the impeachment bottle I’ve been saving for over two years. Hurrah!

(I know what you’re thinking, but trust me, I have an even better bottle lined up for the grand prize, no matter how that happens. One of the best bourbons from the past 40 years, and no, it isn’t Pappy)

In other news, I learnt this week that I have psoriasis on 20% of my body. It’s not something I think about too much aside from making Dennis Potter jokes that almost nobody in this country gets, but it’s a little sobering to discover it’s now a fifth of my skin. Not great. But! New treatments to try, although I’m skipping all the treatments advertised in-between episodes of Law & Order with two-minute disclaimers of all the terrifying side-effects. For now, anyway. First, we’re going to try light therapy, or “Ian goes in a fancy tanning booth twice a week.” It seems a lot safer. We’ll see how it goes…

Next weekend, I’ll be up in Canadaland! Tammy and I will be attending SHUX, where there will be dice, cards, various different types of wooden blocks, and the entire Shut Up And Sit Down team. And to celebrate, I spent this weekend making boardgame-themed treats. Presenting, the Pimm’s Meeple Gummy!

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Pimm’s Meeple

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Once I get back, we’ll be firmly into October. And I think I need to start putting together a film showing schedule, one with a theme of “Look, I know I showed people some bad films, but honest, these ones are good. Trust me!” It’s going to be great, I promise…