Yes, father, I will become — A GOOSE!

Untitled Goose Game was exactly what I needed this week. And maybe this year. Who could resist the charms of being a horrible goose and causing mayhem to all and sundry? Nobody, and that’s why pictures of terrible geese are flooding your Twitter stream. Look at that HONK:

I’ve seen some people online describe it as ‘being a story that England likes to tell about itself and is not, and has never been, real’. Which, okay, I get. It’s very much a pastoral / village setting, a gentle affair where the only problem is a horrible goose…but I think they’re honestly trying too hard with that comment. The pub reminds me of The Red Lion out at Wendlebury, and the setting could be any village like Chesterton, Middleton Stoney, Steeple Ashton, and I’ll put £10 on the line right now that Ardley probably has a story involving something as twee.

I also have a theory about when it’s set. Consider this little snippet from when you cause havoc outside a TV shop:

I think Untitled Goose Game is set somewhere between 1988-97. Firstly, that’s such a Radio Rentals or Rumblelows-esque shop. Secondly, the old BBC logo on the TVs definitely harkens back to the pre-1997 design.

So, 1993 or so, and in an obscure Oxfordshire village.

Anyway, if you have a system capable of playing Untitled Goose Game, get it. You will be surprised at how much fun you can have honking all over town and trapping people in garages and telephone boxes.

But what about non-geese news of the week? As if there’s anything that’s as important as geese news. I ask you. Anyhow, a few things happened that I can’t really talk about yet, which makes for a boring blog entry. Hence, geese. Oh, my book went to the printers! It will soon exist! I am hopeful it may make it to the Norrington Room in Blackwell’s. That would be…something.

Also, less than two weeks to go until SHUX! Which means I’m spending next weekend making Meeple gummies…