This Is A Speculation Thread

We’re less than a month away from the new series of Doctor Who…so! What’s going to happen? An invasion from Life On Mars? Flapper Daleks? RTD to pen an episode that spends its whole length trying to resolve the various different continuities of Gallifrey? A special all-claymation episode? Let’s speculate wildly!

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The Acceptable Face And Voice Of American Conservatism!

Ann Coulter is full of class, isn’t she?

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To My Friends Who Know About These Things

Surely, a MMORPG version of 40K is going to be, well, rather dull? Spend your time in a space freighter before being used as cannon fodder! Carve prayer runes into your bolter! Be a Tyranid…oh. Surely the appeal of the 40K universe (such as it is; I’m not really much of a fan myself) is the staging of enormous battles, with huge quantities of troops on all sides?

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This Is Sarah Nixey Talking

I mean, she always sounds likes she’s wiping a knife clean of blood whilst drinking a cup of Earl Grey, but that’s part of her charm…

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Oh My Goodness


Also: James Cameron. Didn’t you watch the start of Titanic?! Remember what happened to Geraldo!

Penelope Cruz has killed every ostrich in California for her dress.

Why must The Winslet be spoiled by Gervais? Why? WHYYY?

Leo’s long sulk is over! He’s king of the world! Or something. I am on very little sleep, I warn you.

PETER BAYHNAM ALL OVER ABC! Take that, Lee, Herring, and the Armistice!

ATTACK OF TEH CUET! The kids are soooooo sweet. BUT! IT’S HAPPINESS, CHILD!

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London Town Yesterday

Apologies for not trailing it in advance, but it was touch and go whether I would be again to go this week. Still, I will be back sometime in March to raid the BFI for Audrey Hepburn clips!

And Lucky Soul are very, very good.

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Lucky Soul @ The Luminaire 24/2/2007

Books Underneath Waterloo

MTV, What Have You Done To Me?

Forest! I am failing preconditions! I know I’m a filthy Mac user, but is that really so bad? :)

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Also: Civil War #7

Wow. I don’t think I’ve read a worse comic since MyS-TECH Wars #4

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