The GOP: The Gift That Keeps Giving

"I want to say this about my state: When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We're proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years, either."

Trent Lott: new Republican Minority Whip!

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It's A Nintendo Christmas!

I Read The Article In Forbes.

Almost time to break out Die Hard for Christmas again!

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The Greatest Picture On The Internet So Far


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Happy Birthday Laura!

Many flamingo returns! :D

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The Little Light That Could

Haunted House!

Oh, Torchwoodpaws.

So I watched Cyberwoman last night. When they said it was going to be an adult show, although I wasn’t expecting, say The West Wing or The Wire, but I was hoping for something on the level of CSI or Law & Order.

What we’ve got is Doctor Who: Three Packets of Crisps And A Pint Of Lager Edition.

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The Nation: Swept. For One Day Only!

I’m today’s guest over at Sweeping The Nation, talking about a lost British classic (runners-up in my choice were The Beat’s Save It For Later and The Distractions’ Time Goes By So Slow). One thing that I completely forgot about is that the Saint Etienne connection is made very explicit in Finisterre’s title track: “Five miles north is a town of silver birches / Twenty-seven chuches”. So there you go. Thanks, Simon for inviting me to participate!

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The Daily Show Is Unnecessary

Bush’s press conference is one of the highlights of the election. So far, he’s slagged off Karl Rove, admitted that he lied to reporters, and suggested that people voted Democrat because they wanted honest and ethical members of Government.

It is a complete trainwreck. And hilarious.

Morning In America

I have to say, Fox News is so much more enjoyable to watch after a Democratic victory. The sad faces, the excuses…ah, let me bask in that glow for just a moment or two.

Not much to update this morning. Missouri went comfortably Democratic after I went to bed last night, also passing a minimum-wage increase, and, in a happy moment of good triumphing over hideous evil, it looks like Rush Limbaugh’s trashing of Michael J. Fox helped the stem-cell research amendment to pass there too. Hurrah!

Montana and Virginia are still too close to call, with Virginia almost certain to go to a recount that may mean that the final fate of the Senate won’t be known until Decem,ber (the recount can’t begin until the vote is certified, which I believe happens at the end of November). However, as Webb is roughly 8,000 votes in front, I think he’ll survive that count, barring any suspicious activity. Tester has a lead of just under 2,000 votes in Montana, with the Republicans claiming that there’s still 21,000 absentee ballots yet to count. So, that may take a day or too to sort out as well. It’s looking likely that at the very least, the Senate will be tied, cutting down on the Vice-President’s hunting trips (something that his friends are probably grateful for).

Another interesting thought (well, to me anyway): as pointed out on Fox last night, the Republicans’ vote held fast only in the Southern states. Much of the mid-west states broke Democrat. If this holds for a 2008 presidential election, it suggests the possibility that if a candidate could unite the Mid-west and Northern vote, they wouldn’t have to carry a single Southern state to win the nomination (also, although the Democrats didn’t do quite as well as they would have liked in Florida, the end of the Jeb Bush era means that I think a Democrat candidate has a very good chance at taking that state, which would put the Republicans in a very bad position in the electoral college). However, this is all, to quote Peter Snow, ‘just a bit of fun’.

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