Something Positive About A Record Company? Heavens!

Shocking, isn’t it? But, with the announcement of EMI allowing Apple to sell unprotected songs on iTunes, we’re finally seeing a chink in the entertainment industry’s love of DRM. Yes, they’re slightly more expensive (though this is mitigated by doubling the bitrate of the songs from 128k AAC to 256k and keeping the price the same for buying full albums).

Hopefully, this will be the start of a host of music labels selling non-DRM encumbered tracks, and as a bonus, the end of the stupid ‘iTMS lock-in’ story that continues to crop up from time to time.

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Easter Mushrooms!

Alias Smith And Jones

Now, that was a promising start. I imagine Outpost Gallifrey exploded during the ‘brother’ bit, though…

I have pictures to show you tomorrow. Impressive pictures. It’s BIGGER ON THE INSIDE!

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Be My Friend

I guess trying to be Martha’s friend would be the geekiest idea, ever, yes? And yet…


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Nerdy Post

SQLite: Why have I only just fallen for your charms?

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A little extra detail on a Child In A Million

You can rewire your brain by simply just thinking! It’s that easy!

Yes, right.

What the documentary didn’t show is that she has relapsed. It’s not something that you can just push away from your mind. Plus, Bonnie’s consultant thinks that the approach used in Five’s TV show just doesn’t work. And all it takes is one day to knock out all that progress and set you back even further.

Still, we haven’t tried heroin yet :).

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A Question:

People who put their bags on the other seat on the bus - is death by hammers an unreasonable punishment?

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Weighing On My Mind

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The BPI, Then.

Globalisation: Great for bringing down the prices of producing materials. But, obviously, bad when the consumers try to indulge a bit of it.

Lucky Soul and Saturday Looks Good To Me on the same bill? Now that’s a night for me…

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