The Tubes Were Against Him, Naturally

Yet another example of the amazing No-Fly list in action!

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A blast from the past

I forget, as I was so disappointed with the re-recording of Floodlit World that I never picked up Everything Picture; was it any good?

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Yes. I Need This. Neeed It.

More Than Meets The Fry.

I believe that a Spider-Spud figure is on the way too. Oh Yes.

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BRITS: Live And Scandalous!

Or at least that’s what they’re preying for, after finally realising that tempting the ghost of Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood is the only way of making people care about an award ceremony that releases the winners a day before it’s shown on TV. Took you twenty years, but never mind.

I give you the best British Group nominations!

British Group: Arctic Monkeys; Muse; Razorlight; Snow Patrol; Kasabian.

There’s a reason why emigration is up, you know.

As ever, it’s a fairly depressing and safe list, but that’s what the Brits are for, really. EMI must be gnashing their teeth at Rudebox matching its critical acclaim with its sales figures, but there is perhaps one surprise buried in the nominations:

Beyonce; Cat Power; Christina Aguilera; Nelly Furtado; Pink.

Go Chan Marshall, Go!

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We Can Only Hope

That their intelligence skills are better than their web skills…

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Best Job Security In The UK

Okay, having watched the last two episodes of Torchwood, there’s really not much in the way of discipline, is there? Owen disobeys a direct order, plunges the entire planet into disaster, storms out, comes back, shoots his boss in the head, opens the rift for even more trouble, and…he gets a hug? Jack should have dumped him in the river.

All in all, an improvement over the rest of the series, but plagued with gaping plot holes and horrendous acting. But hurrah for the TARDIS!

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Looking forward to May

It’s a good month for all three of us Life Without Buildings fans…

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Damn You Jobs!

I am obligated to comment on Steve Jobs’s keynote address yesterday.

Obviously, the best time to avoid buying an iPod is whenever I buy one.

Still, even as I was slumping in my chair every time Jobs opened his mouth (it has a camera! Full widescreen! Quad band! Some sort of geo-location! It runs Mac OS X! It slices! It dices!), the final few minutes cheered me up. $599 for a 8Gb music player is a bit pointless for me. And, because of the iPhone being tethered to particular phone companies, it’s not something you can buy overseas and expect to work well over here. So, in the end, not too teeth-gnashing.

Also, I’m not exactly sure how useful AppleTV is; it’s really just AirTunes with added video (but probably won’t play DivX files, thus reducing its appeal drastically).

But where was Leopard? The standard yearly updates to iLife and iWork? Bah!

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