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The World of St. Elsewhere Spreads.

(The World Explained. It’s all Munch’s fault…)

(Get Omar on Sesame Street! Get Omar on Sesame Street!)

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Anson Road!

Ahh, the memories. Better if it wasn’t connected to another gun murder in Manchester, but still…

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Still, She Does Like Switch!

M.I.A.: I'm only here on a year visa, so if you could just advertise, I'm looking for a husband.

M.I.A. setting the record straight about Diplo. Fairly forcefully, too…

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Well, It Does Make Sense

I did buy an Apple a couple of weeks ago. For work, yes, but the law of Apple strikes again: they will always release new machines approximately two weeks after you decide to buy one. Grr.

Still, the new iMac looks so pretty. And with a wireless mouse and keyboard, almost as portable as the MacBook / MacBook Pros themselves.

Seeing as how I’m not really interested in a new machine right now (although the new keyboard looks interesting; it could be a possible replacement to the trusty IBM one I use at the moment), the changes to iPhoto and iMovie are what interest me in today’s announcement. iPhoto has got faster (again), plus some fancier editing tools and web gallery options, but iMovie is a completely new application, borrowing a little from iTunes by giving you a video library to store and select clips for when you’re making little movies. And if you can get it into MPEG-4 format (ffmpeg is your friend), you can have it in iMovie (it also does HDV/AVCHD for higher-end camcorders!).

Oooh, that’s fancy. One-click upload from iMovie to YouTube.

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Meanwhile, back in the former Generation…

Can I have volunteers to accompany me to this? Especially since I don’t know anybody who lives there anymore? Come on, it has its own FAC number!

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The End Times Are Upon Us

I will be so much happier when our generation has got over this little phase. Please, no more bad 80s cartoon adaptations. I beg you.

(and Jason Lee? Shame. Shaame!)

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In A Different World.

Royal Air Fleet

Work For Victoria


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The Japanese: Is There Nothing They Can't Make Disturbing?

For example, golf. How could this possibly be made an uncomfortable experience?

Well, you did ask. (Not Safe For Work. Or anywhere, really. You have been warned.)

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Delta And The Bannermen

Operation Banner finally comes to an end. Not something that I ever envisaged happening when I was growing up…

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All Our Yesterdays

I have this in my room. Grant Morrison’s Dare and Really & Truly; the first reveals that Margaret Thatcher was in league with The Mekon (secretly, we all knew this, right?) while the second is possibly the only comic to be written by Ecstasy. Oh, and how it shows.

(in fact, R&T is probably one of my favourite Grant Morrison stories; pared right down to the bone, the gorgeous Rian Hughes art, the fact that I first read it hopped up on Lemsip on the couch, curtains drawn while pausing to be sick…good times. I think.)

Perhaps I should do a proper comics round-up soon. News that Warren Ellis is going to be following Joss Whedon on X-Men won’t entice me back, but Grant Morrison doing Final Crisis, which sounds as if it’s based on his old Hypercrisis idea? Oh yes. More of this sort of thing later in the week. With pictures!.

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