This Is Sarah Nixey Talking

I mean, she always sounds likes she’s wiping a knife clean of blood whilst drinking a cup of Earl Grey, but that’s part of her charm…

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Oh My Goodness


Also: James Cameron. Didn’t you watch the start of Titanic?! Remember what happened to Geraldo!

Penelope Cruz has killed every ostrich in California for her dress.

Why must The Winslet be spoiled by Gervais? Why? WHYYY?

Leo’s long sulk is over! He’s king of the world! Or something. I am on very little sleep, I warn you.

PETER BAYHNAM ALL OVER ABC! Take that, Lee, Herring, and the Armistice!

ATTACK OF TEH CUET! The kids are soooooo sweet. BUT! IT’S HAPPINESS, CHILD!

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London Town Yesterday

Apologies for not trailing it in advance, but it was touch and go whether I would be again to go this week. Still, I will be back sometime in March to raid the BFI for Audrey Hepburn clips!

And Lucky Soul are very, very good.

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Lucky Soul @ The Luminaire 24/2/2007

Books Underneath Waterloo

MTV, What Have You Done To Me?

Forest! I am failing preconditions! I know I’m a filthy Mac user, but is that really so bad? :)

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Also: Civil War #7

Wow. I don’t think I’ve read a worse comic since MyS-TECH Wars #4

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Obviously, Steve Jobs Didn't Sign The Petition

One of the lesser-publicised petitions on the rather pointless site (or: “Ask for whatever you want! Then we’ll send you a patronising email about why Uncle Tony knows best!”) was a protest against Digital Rights Management controls on digital media. The response is predictable: “Big businesses love it! Suck it up!”, but this caught my eye:

In particular, the independent Gowers Review of Intellectual Property commissioned by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, published its report on 6th December 2006 as part of the Chancellor’s Pre-Budget Report. Recommendations include introducing a limited private copying exception by 2008 for format shifting for works published after the date that the law comes into effect.

So, we’ll be able to encode the latest drivel by Razorlight, but not allowed to make copies of Technique? That seems incredibly wrong, somehow…

(The Government has yet to respond to the greatest petition currently on the site. GOLD!)

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Tori Amos: Only Missing A Pig

The publicity shot for Tori’s new album: American Doll Posse

American Doll Posse

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Is It Wrong Of Me?

To think that if this does go ahead, it should really happen while Ian Paisley is still alive?

(I thought the news source was appropriate!)

(Also, if anybody does read my Brit Award report - I’m sorry about the Oasis part. I was distracted during that bit, so wasn’t able to point out just how bad they were after Liam started singing Morning Glory)

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