Can't Sleep.



My Google-Fu is mighty.

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Radiohead. 10 Days.

Now that’s a surprise.

A Public Service Announcement

You can run over an iPod Shuffle, but you can’t wash it.

There is possibly a time when these things become too small.

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Give Me Something I Can Hold

Short review of The Shock Doctrine: Incredibly depressing for 400 pages, and then Latin America comes and saves the day.

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October 16th 2007

The last day occupants of Whitehaven, Cumbria will be able to wake up to this glorious sight:


Our digital future is a bleak one.

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Memories Can Be Unreliable

So, it’s time to consult the notes for a quick précis, considering my blogging schedule quickly disappeared in a haze of vokda and duelling pianos. To sum up:

  • Cute waitresses winking at you and giving you an incredibly strong drink — teh awesome.
  • Travis and I talked about Transformers and computer games. Not a lot has changed.
  • Duelling piano bars must be destroyed with hammers. And napalm.
  • I was so right about the Coyote Ugly bar.
  • Buying The Shock Doctrine in the dark heart of the American Dream seemed entirely appropriate.
  • Fish costs more than meat in the desert because you have to ship it in…but don’t you have to ship meat in too?
  • The Cheesecake Factory: Skip breakfast. And any other meals you were planning.
  • Ow, the blisters.
  • Having an open tab behind the bar makes being 900ft up in the air so much easier to take.
  • We have a consensus that the Democrats should field Hilary/Obama, because if they’re going to go down in flames, they might as well try and get the South’s heads to explode.
  • I missed the South.
  • Which I never thought I’d say.
  • Vegas at night is still out-of-this-world.
  • But staying too long will turn you into a Communist. Not a good idea in a Right To Work state.
  • Plan to stay a while in McCarran Airport. Like Raleigh/Durham, they haven’t adapted well to the post-911 world.
  • Apple are liars when it comes to wireless keyboards.

That will do for now, but there’ll be something else at the weekend. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!

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Back In Reality

A wrap-up of the Lost Vegas days to follow soon, I think…

(anybody know whether anything else uses the LaCie power supply connector?)

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Two Word Response.

And the second word is ‘off’. We do not need any importing of American military culture thank you very much. And I think most soldiers would rather prefer relative anonymity and still being able to get medical treatment over America’s superficial discounts.

This is not Rome.

Never Mess With A Man Coming Down From A Cinnabon High

They are goooood. And that’s my food for the day!

I’m sure I really didn’t buy very much, so I have no idea why my bag was so heavy this morning.

Take These Flowers Away.

Extended Play.

Or: in the end, I can only blame myself.