This Is Sarah Nixey Talking

Not entirely sure about this, but I think every song is improved immeasurably by the inclusion of Ms. Nixey (Frosty Nixey!) delivering a monologue about some ghastly childhood trauma.

Secondly: Where has Nutella been all my life? I SHOULD HAVE BEEN TOLD.

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Reasons why Tangled Up hasn’t leaked yet, despite it coming out on Friday in Ireland:

  • Who knew that OiNK really was that important?
  • Pirate groups still annoyed about the lame cover.
  • Rachel Stevens has hijacked the shipment from the distributors and won’t let them go until her and Lily Allen are allowed to compete in a fight to the death to decide who will be the next Doctor Who assistant.
  • Xenomania has incrimating photographs on every journalist in the nation. I’m hearing something about Alexis Petridis, a bottle of vimto and a gerbil…

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Listening To Stereolab With Your Striped Scarf And Navy Overcoat

Moments of self-realisation: Waiting for the 1808 train to London at Bicester North, en route to see The National at Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

My mind’s not right
My mind’s not right
My mind’s not right

Abel, come on, give me the keys, man
Everything has all gone down wrong
Abel, come on, give me the keys, man
Everything has all gone down wrong

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Contains Some Strong Language

BBC One is showing a shortened version of Helvetica tonight. Worth the license fee all by itself (perhaps). And for those of you wondering just how a documentary about a font could give way to such a warning…you haven’t met Erik Spiekermann yet…

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Up the WGA! I’m actually quite impressed; there hasn’t been a television strike on the same level in this country since the ITV strike of 1979, and I was all of two months old back then. Again, I was young (nine) during the last WGA strike in 1988, but I have this feeling that UK networks weren’t quite so exposed as they are currently. Though if it causes Sky One to have troubles after spending so much money to poach Prison Break, I will enjoy a hearty laugh.

Hurrah for Jon Stewart, as ever.

(Also, I love the idea of John Oliver as union rabble-rouser. I want Scargill-inspired shorts when you come back!)

And all this for eight cents…

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Taking One For The Team: Coke Plus Edition

Coke Plus

It says that it includes green tea. Which means that the bright spark that came up with Coke Blãk must still be with the company. They’ve obviously got good blackmail material on the CEO.

Diet Coke Plus (antioxidant) is a mixture of normal Diet Coke, green tea, and 175% of your recommended daily amount of Vitamin C (if you manage to finish an entire bottle). It’s healthy! Much better than pesky orange juice!

I know what you’re wondering - how does it taste? Hrm. Bizarrely, it seems to taste like carbonated flat cola, if such a thing could exist. That might be the tea taking the edge of the usual flavour, I guess. On the bright side, it didn’t make me want to go down to Atlanta with a shotgun like the Coke Blãk experience…

(some time later)

But there’s still enough of an unpleasant aftertaste to make finishing a full bottle a chore. But I managed two-thirds! That has to count for something! At least I’ve had a lot of vitamin C!

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Set Pop To: EMOTE!

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South Carolina Democratic Party:

Where is your sense of humour?

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Aside from that, though, everything else is lovely so far…

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Jeff Zucker. Translated.

NBC U wanted to explore higher pricing for hit shows such as "Heroes" by raising the price from Apple's standard $1.99 to $2.99 on an experimental basis. "We wanted to take one show, it didn't matter which one it was, and experiment and sell it for $2.99," he said. "We made that offer for months and they said no."

Apple wouldn’t let us fleece the customers! Waaaah! Waaaah!

In lieu of more flexibility on pricing, NBC U sought a cut of Apple’s hardware sales.“Apple sold millions of dollars worth of hardware off the back of our content, and made a lot of money,” Zucker said. “They did not want to share in what they were making off the hardware or allow us to adjust pricing.”

And when we’re done, JVC, Panasonic, LG, we’re coming for you! We’ve heard about these ‘VCR’ machines! We want our share!

Zucker took on a wide range of questions from Auletta and the audience, including whether NBC U would be spun off from GE and what he thinks of the newly launched Fox Business Network.

Hi, I’m Jeff Zucker. I took NBC from ruling all in its path to turning into a laughing stock! And I can still screw up the Leno/O’Brien deal! Just watch me!

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