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This picture fills me with far too much joy than is healthy for a perfectly-adjusted 28-year-old.



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It's Tearing The Music World Apart!

Though I think the best response to Sasha Frere-Jones’s column is “The first example of ILM trolling in the mainstream media”. That and “Didn’t Simon Reynolds write this twenty years ago?”

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Save W12 7RJ

Seriously, it’s time to chain ourselves to the building…

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Let me know if you want me to send water bottles, guys…

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The weekly listening chart for last week. My favourite bit is how the top ten is arranged in the actual track order of In Rainbows

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(Don't) Believe The Right

Will the American Right ever get over Al Gore? They managed to beat him in an election despite him winning the majority of votes across the country and most likely in Florida too. When the 5-4 decision came down from the Supreme Court (complete with an embarrassing ‘NEVER USE THIS AGAIN’ sticker emblazoned across the front), did Gore whine and threaten to set up a shadow Government? No, he accepted the decision gracefully and went off to do other things, pausing only occasionally to criticise the build-up to the Iraqi War (and look how well that went!). So, please, get over it, lads. Mind you, in the past week, they have also been smearing 12-year-old children…

Yes, it’s that time again. And seeing as how the primaries are getting pushed back and back to the point where the 2008 election looks like starting in 2007, I should get started. Work issues probably mean that I won’t be able to cover the Conventions in quite as much detail this time around, I can still write reams of gibberish that will make me look a fool in November 2008. Just like last time.

Coming soon, then: who will win the primaries! More obvious chatter! Which states will flip, which will stand, and whether we’ll be drinking ourselves to oblivion during the night like last time.

But: Colbert’08!

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(Don't) Believe The Hype

You know, I’m a black turtle-necker sweater away from being an Apple fanatic, and yes, the news today that MacOS X 10.5 (Leopard) is coming out in a few weeks is exciting, but I’m starting to think that it’s going to be a bit of a disappointment.

Apple are going out of their way to emphasise the 300 (insert Sparta joke here. Or perhaps not) new features of the operating system, but, eh, most of them aren’t all that interesting. Woo! Mail can now use hideous stationary! iCal probably doesn’t completely suck! ‘Descriptive Error Messages’ in AppleScript!

Even some of the new features that I was looking forward to, like Time Machine, now seem a bit limited. Oh sure, I have a large external disk sitting around that I can convert to HFS+ and render it unusable to all other computer systems (except for Linux, of course, but even there, HFS+ support wasn’t perfect last time I checked). Also, given that ZFS is looming on the horizon, surely this is going to be a bit of a problem?

Still, it’s not all bad. Spaces looks rather useful, and Xcode continues to impress (Ruby and Python are now first-class citizens in Cocoa, so I might have a little dabble!). But it’s more of a gradual advance rather than a revolution.

Maybe they’ve fixed the Finder, though…

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Good Soldiers!


I'm sure EMI are pleased that the NME talked them into releasing the single…

Further Proof That We Lost

But this isn't quite 1995 again. York, the promoter, doesn't see a demand for bands with "no artistic merit"; he mentions Echobelly and Sleeper.

Still no girls allowed, I see. Yay for misogyny!

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The State of Indie Rock

With a shout-out to Carrboro, no less. And yes, it took me a few trips into Carrboro to work out exactly where Cat’s Cradle was, as I didn’t believe what the map was telling me…

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