Concrete, Concrete Everywhere!

Doesn’t this building just look wonderful?

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Chris Dodd: Last Man Standing

Chris Dodd is filibustering the new FISA bill with retroactive immunity to the telecommunications companies. Where’s Hilary, and Obama?

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Advent 2007: Window 17

Advent 2007: Window 16

Not eaxctly Christmas-y today, but a little curiosity. For some reason, New Order decided to record a version of Krafty for the Japanese market. So, if anybody has a yearn for hearing Barney singing Japanese, well, today is the day for you!

Window 16

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Advent 2007: Window 15

Behind today's window is something that isn't out yet. Shipping early next year, Boxette is a compilation of Saint Etienne's highly-collectable fanclub releases (plus an extra disc stuffed full of even rarer stuff - can we hope for a release of The Way I Fell For You after all this time?). You can order it now from the Lovers Unite website!

Advent 2007: Window 14

Advent 2007: Window 13

For window 13, we have a cinema advert from yesteryear, which turns out to have been directed by none other than Michel Gondry!

It's not just me, is it?

Joe Lean and Jing Jang Jong are the band that make Northern Uproar seem cool and inspiring, aren’t they?

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Advent 2007: Window 12

Window 12: An alien for Christmas!

Advent 2007: Window 11

I think I saw this promo on Fox News last week…