A Public Service Announcement

You can run over an iPod Shuffle, but you can’t wash it.

There is possibly a time when these things become too small.

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Give Me Something I Can Hold

Short review of The Shock Doctrine: Incredibly depressing for 400 pages, and then Latin America comes and saves the day.

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October 16th 2007

The last day occupants of Whitehaven, Cumbria will be able to wake up to this glorious sight:


Our digital future is a bleak one.

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Memories Can Be Unreliable

So, it’s time to consult the notes for a quick précis, considering my blogging schedule quickly disappeared in a haze of vokda and duelling pianos. To sum up:

  • Cute waitresses winking at you and giving you an incredibly strong drink — teh awesome.
  • Travis and I talked about Transformers and computer games. Not a lot has changed.
  • Duelling piano bars must be destroyed with hammers. And napalm.
  • I was so right about the Coyote Ugly bar.
  • Buying The Shock Doctrine in the dark heart of the American Dream seemed entirely appropriate.
  • Fish costs more than meat in the desert because you have to ship it in…but don’t you have to ship meat in too?
  • The Cheesecake Factory: Skip breakfast. And any other meals you were planning.
  • Ow, the blisters.
  • Having an open tab behind the bar makes being 900ft up in the air so much easier to take.
  • We have a consensus that the Democrats should field Hilary/Obama, because if they’re going to go down in flames, they might as well try and get the South’s heads to explode.
  • I missed the South.
  • Which I never thought I’d say.
  • Vegas at night is still out-of-this-world.
  • But staying too long will turn you into a Communist. Not a good idea in a Right To Work state.
  • Plan to stay a while in McCarran Airport. Like Raleigh/Durham, they haven’t adapted well to the post-911 world.
  • Apple are liars when it comes to wireless keyboards.

That will do for now, but there’ll be something else at the weekend. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!

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Back In Reality

A wrap-up of the Lost Vegas days to follow soon, I think…

(anybody know whether anything else uses the LaCie power supply connector?)

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Two Word Response.

And the second word is ‘off’. We do not need any importing of American military culture thank you very much. And I think most soldiers would rather prefer relative anonymity and still being able to get medical treatment over America’s superficial discounts.

This is not Rome.

Never Mess With A Man Coming Down From A Cinnabon High

They are goooood. And that’s my food for the day!

I’m sure I really didn’t buy very much, so I have no idea why my bag was so heavy this morning.

Take These Flowers Away.

Extended Play.

Or: in the end, I can only blame myself.



California! And Capitalist Whore Okay!

I had to leave. The machines were getting to me. The carpets were closing in. There was only one thing to do: get out of town. After one day.

However, being without a car, my options were somewhat limited. I settled for Primm, a city of the border of Nevada and California. Primm is home to a fashion outlet mall serviced about five times a day by a shuttle bus from the MGM Grand. The choice was clear: if I'm going to be stuck in this haven of capitalism, I might as well get something tangible in return rather than putting it in a slot machine.

I may have a Converse problem. I think I now have five different colours.

The mall also features a gas station, which would normally be rather unremarkable, except that the station is over the state line, so they can sell tickets for the Californian lottery. Which is a lot more complicated than ours…so many different options to chose from. But eventually I sorted it out and gave $1 to the California state funds. Hurrah for me!

In other purchases, I now have a Roddy Womble shirt. Now, that probably means nothing to the two or three people reading this who even know who Roddy Womble is, but I've been desiring one ever since their 2003 concert in Chapel Hill. So yay me!

I couldn't stay too long though, as I had to get back to meet Richard (and to tell the truth, after about an hour or so, there's not much to do). I do hope his bar experiences improve. Perhaps with a bit more sleep behind him tomorrow, and us paying attention to bar/restaurant boundaries, we'll do better!