At Least They Didn't Deep Fry Human Kirk

Ingredients for a great Gilmore Girls marathon:

  • You will need a selection of episodes from culled from all seven seasons of the show, (approximately eight in number), highlighting the funniest moments and any other considerations deemed important.

    We chose a couple of episodes from Season 2, many from Season 3 (including deep-fried shoes and the evil of Cat Kirk) and one each from Seasons 4 through 6. Season 7 is still verboten. Special consideration was given to episodes with a surfeit of Jess scenes.
  • Start early. Breakfast is ideal.

    We started at around eleven with hot chocolate / coffee and a wonderful apple and cheese omelette. I’ll admit that I was skeptical, but it tasted so good!
  • Watch episodes in chronological order, but don’t worry too much if you have to skip back once in a while.

  • Shudder at all the ways that Paris makes you cringe.

    The deep conversation room! Her CSPAN appearance!
  • Serve episodes with a snack and a refreshing drink!

    That would be ginger biscuits and the last of the gin that I brought over the Christmas before

Enjoy…we certainly did!

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I guess that's what they all say

just before they fall.

And this is what I’m going back to. Wisconsin Welfare and the return of the Eton Set. Hurrah.

I belong here, but I don’t. And the last night is always too hard…I never know quite what to do, can’t even let a friend buy me a drink without turning it into a strange parade. Where I seem to talk to awkward strangers as much as friends, get in trouble for mixing up waitress and bartender, spend the evening a bright shade of pink and more besides. But apparently, from a certain angle, I look a bit like Grant Morrison. And I think I can live with that.

Mandy managed to top herself tonight.

Every time I think of you I get a shot right through into a bolt of blue.

But it’s a problem of mine.

Goodbye Carrboro. Every time it gets harder. Apples and Oranges.

Help! I Have Accidently Become A Chapel Hill Native!

There are students everywhere. Grrrrr.

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Atlanta Bound

I’m off to Georgia for a couple of days. Update when I get back!

Reasons To Love CD Alley

My Magpie Eyes Are Hungry For The Prize: £172 used on Amazon last time I checked (though it seems there’s a few cheaper copies now). Used copy in CD Alley: $13. Hurrah!

Slide Guitar

I’m willing to admit I may have been wrong.

The Iowa Caucus Is Decadent And Depraved.


Thankfully not all the states do this…

(incidentally, Iowa would rather have a gold-standard crazy rather than Giuliani. And YAY OBAMA!)


Yes, I got sunburnt on Friday, and today it’s snowing. North Carolina is odd. But in a good way! (except for the -7˚C temperature outside, of course)

Yesterday was a bit of a nothing day, as expected, though I did manage to do a little more than lie on the floor watching My Super Sweet 16 and eating two pieces of bread (I will mention no names!). Instead, I wandered around Chapel Hill enough to bring out my blisters. Hurrah! Still, I had a good evening with Collin, Heather, Emily, and The Rock, wherein we discovered that Heather has a much better grasp of the rules of American football than anybody else. And I'm two for two on getting a vodka and coke instead of vodka and cranberry!

It seems though, that the end is in sight already. Christa's off to Kentucky; Stacie to Philadelphia. We may not be able to make FOOD SCIENCE part II before I leave, and that makes me sad.

(Richard: the gist of the Second Coming reference - I think I came into the snooker room to do the laundry and you and Tom were playing snooker. For some reason, I ended up getting my portable CD player out, and I think it must have been in the drive, because we ended up listening to it while I dried my washing. Anyway, that was the first time I met you, I think. My memory is a little slack though!)

Hello, 2008

I’ve seen a few people walking around this morning in a slightly dishellved state, so I think it’s fair to say that New Year in Chapel Hill/Carrboro was a successful affair. Gor my part, Stacie and I spent the early part of the evening perfecting our FOOD SCIENCE! rum pills and agar-based tequila sunrise cocktails. Then we took them to Christa’s and eat them, along with sampling a Finnish drink based around liquorice and vodka. A somewhat quieter affair than Hell, but e did head off to OCSC after the stroke of midnight to experience the crazy celebrations!

Today seems to be very quiet - although there's a surprising amount of small shops open (including Chapel Hill Comics!). The sun is out and bright, but snow is a possibility for tomorrow. Along with temperatures of -6˚C. Eeep.

And I have blisters! Took me longer than usual!


I was taught by Steve Furber when I was an undergraduate!