Advent 2007: Window 21

A helpful guide to decipher 85% of the conversations that me and my sister have...

Advent 2007: Window 20

Help! I'm drowning in nostalgia!

Advent 2007: Window 19

Even Batman Sings The Blues

Advent 2007: Window 18

Throw Santa as far as you can!

Concrete, Concrete Everywhere!

Doesn’t this building just look wonderful?

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Chris Dodd: Last Man Standing

Chris Dodd is filibustering the new FISA bill with retroactive immunity to the telecommunications companies. Where’s Hilary, and Obama?

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Advent 2007: Window 17

Advent 2007: Window 16

Not eaxctly Christmas-y today, but a little curiosity. For some reason, New Order decided to record a version of Krafty for the Japanese market. So, if anybody has a yearn for hearing Barney singing Japanese, well, today is the day for you!

Window 16

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Advent 2007: Window 15

Behind today's window is something that isn't out yet. Shipping early next year, Boxette is a compilation of Saint Etienne's highly-collectable fanclub releases (plus an extra disc stuffed full of even rarer stuff - can we hope for a release of The Way I Fell For You after all this time?). You can order it now from the Lovers Unite website!

Advent 2007: Window 14