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The guitar turns into Laserbeak! LASERBEAK IS A GUITAR!


I finally got around to watching Control tonight, and I must say that I’m conflicted. It’s a well-made film, certainly, but I don’t think it was half the film that 24 Hour Party People was. I guess, perhaps partly what’s going through my head right now, partly because I think New Order are the better band overall, but I’ve never really bought into the Curtis Myth fully. And the film does nothing to help me, either; instead, it’s an hour and a half of Curtis treating his wife like dirt, feeling a little remorse, and the killing himself. Obviously, it’s a gross oversimplification, and the drugs cocktail he was on was probably a big contributing factor to some of his behaviour, but still.

(I also was a teensy bit peeved at the constant mocking of Bernard Sumner, especially when Martin Hannett snaps at him in the studio while the genius Curtis was recording. Seeing as how Sumner turned out to be Factory’s unsung production hero, it seems a little harsh here. Also, Hannett is never actually mentioned by name, which is a shame considering how important he was to the Joy Division sound)

It did look wonderful, though. There’s a scene just after Debbie has the baby, where Ian stands outside a hospital corridor that struck me as quietly beautiful. And I did like the scene at the end; Sumner, Hook, and Gretton are sitting in the pub, desolate, where they’re joined by the other two, Morris and a girl who’s supposed to be Gillian. A new order just waiting to be formed…

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My Goodness!!

Have the Democrats in the House finally found their spines?

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There May Be A Massacre On The Potomac

Virginia was called for Obama two minutes after polls closed…GOP race is ‘too close to call’…pause for laughter


Black Kids are seriously awesome. More tomorrow…

It's Funny

But whenever this story has come up in the news today, I find it troubling to reconcile the MPAA/RIAA’s woes with this story. But I’m sure it’s a misunderstanding. Or that it’s not really ‘stealing’ money from the Toklien estate…

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I Give You...The Picture Of The GOP Primaries!


Your Conspiracy Theory of The Day

Why did the GOP of Washington stop counting when only 87% of precincts had reported, declaring McCain the winner with only 200 more votes than Huckabee?

Yay! Back!

Dreamhost seem to have got their act together again. So…if you sent mail in the past 24 hours, I probably didn’t get it. Also, my Mac power supply has died; I currently don’t have access to my main mailbox, so if you’re waiting on a reply there, you might have to wait until Apple deliver a new one!

But! Tonight! Caucuses! You know I just love a good caucus. Yes, it is a lonely life, thank you very much. Reports are coming in of precincts in Nebraska and Washington breaking for Obama in rather huge numbers. Meanwhile, Huckabee takes the delegates from the GOP vote in Kansas. They really don’t like McCain in the south, you know…

Also! I would like to start a fund. A fund to buy a staplegun so we can staple the camera to the ground in Torchwood. And break the zoom function that they’ve discovered. I do not need to get motion sickness during a conversation scene!

(and this is sadly more entertaining than all of Series 2 so far)

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Nine Months Of This

A few moments later, Coulter said that the best thing that had ever happened to the campaign of “B. Hussein Obama” was when he was born “half black.”

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And Now A Return To Our Programme

Mitt Romney, suspending his Presidential campaign:

If I fight on in my campaign, all the way to the convention, I would forestall the launch of a national campaign and make it more likely that Senator Clinton or Obama would win. And in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign, be a part of aiding a surrender to terror.

Ah, has it been so long since opponents of the GOP were classified as traitors?

Meanwhile, the new Attorney General won’t be investigating waterboarding or warrantless wiretapping, even if it was illegal. I believe we’re at 347 days and counting.

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