Blog: Interrupted

The last week of being ill has somewhat derailed most of my plans here for December. Tomorrow, I’m off to Chapel Hill again, so I’ll probably be back in the travel mood. Um, so those of you who were desperate to know my favourite song of 2007: Fake Empire by The National. Possibly more later on…

(and you be able to follow Twitter updates as soon as my phone gets reactivated. Exciting, I know!)

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Advent 2007: Window 24




The Dangers of Tasty Houses

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Advent 2007: Window 23


Advent 2007: Window 22

It’s getting closer!!!

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Advent 2007: Window 21

A helpful guide to decipher 85% of the conversations that me and my sister have...

Advent 2007: Window 20

Help! I'm drowning in nostalgia!

Advent 2007: Window 19

Even Batman Sings The Blues

Advent 2007: Window 18

Throw Santa as far as you can!

Concrete, Concrete Everywhere!

Doesn’t this building just look wonderful?

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Chris Dodd: Last Man Standing

Chris Dodd is filibustering the new FISA bill with retroactive immunity to the telecommunications companies. Where’s Hilary, and Obama?

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