A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall?

Meanwhile, ex-members of Long-Term Capital Management are popping open champagne bottles. It almost makes Northern Rock cheap in comparison…

Sold for $2 a share! With another $30bn of Federal security!

(How does it feel to treat me like you do?)

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No roaches?

Pulp Archie!

(and the original tie-in comic)




I know, it’s beginning to feel like the Democrats will be still fighting among themselves by Election Day in November. And today’s primary isn’t going to help. The real event is six weeks (SIX! WEEKS!) in the future, where both candidates will battle over the delgates in Pennsylvania (and even then, it probably won’t be finished - unless somebody steps in after April 22nd, North Carolina will become an important primary state. Goodness!), but today, well, today is Mississippi’s day. It’s seen as another chance for Obama to take the energy out of Clinton’s wins in Ohio and Texas last Tuesday (technically, she actually lost Texas, but it’s partly a media battle as much as a delegate battle). He can at most pick up about five delegates over Clinton tonight, but it’ll extend his lead even further, and wipe out all of Hillary’s gains during March.

Meanwhile - surely Spitzer should have been intelligent enough to draw on his time as New York Attorney General and realise that all those bank transfers would raise eyebrows at his bank? How monumentally stupid. Although it’s amusing that the GOP is calling for his head, yet Senator Vitter is allowed to stay despite his regular use of a DC Madam. Funny, that.

Oh, and Dr. Laura is still trash. But then you knew that.

For those of you wondering just what damage the Bush Administration can do in ten months, Admiral Fallon, military commander for the Middle East and coincidentally against attacking Iran, has resigned from his post today. He’s been called “the one man standing between Dick Cheney and Iran”. Hurrah!

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How's That Abstinence Plan Working Out, Then?

Surprise! Not very well!

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Shorter Delia:

It’s Bodger & Badger’s Dream Show!

Frickell From The Past

Ah, Internet Memories.

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Even The Twitters Are Getting Sarcastic!

In Columbus,MS & wondering how somebody who's in second place is offering the vice presidency to the person who's in first place. Vote Tues!

Barack Obama’s twitter feed.

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Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia...

Or: ace things you find buried on a hard drive at 1am…

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A Day Late.

But it’s twenty-five years since this:


And nothing was the same again. Especially Factory’s bank balance.

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