The side-effect of compressing all the primaries into a shorter space is that we expected it to be over by now. Thirty years ago, the electoral cycle would just be gearing up for New Hampshire; it seems like a geological period has passed since 2008’s contest.

Which is to say: if nobody comes out stronger tonight, the next big primary is on April 22nd (Mississippi and Wyoming are next week, but they don't have a huge amount of delegates on offer). That's almost two months of campaigning and Democratic self-immolation while the Republicans look and laugh. I can't wait.

Obama seems to have had a tough weekend. Firstly, there's all this business with somebody in his team telling the Canadian embassy that his tough talk on NAFTA was all for show, though it's unclear just how much Canadian politics is playing a part in all that, and then the Rezko trial starting in Chicago. All this has blunted his polling in both Texas and Ohio. Having said that, he was twenty points down in both states just a scant few weeks back.

Meanwhile, Clinton seems to be back on the momentum, looking likely to take Ohio, Rhode Island, and tying (or edging a slight win) in Texas. But will it be enough? Amusingly, Obama's win tonight in Vermont may itself be enough to balance her delegate wins in the remaining states, depending on how big her victory is. She can no longer catch Obama in a pledged delegate race; all she can do is try to cut into his lead and persuade the superdelegates to vote for her en masse.

But the latest rumour is that Obama has 50 superdelegates ready to declare at a drop of a hat; a secret weapon to take the sting out of a tight night, and incidentally making the Michigan and Florida be able to stand without changing anything. Would that be enough to end it? Or are we going all the way to North Carolina and Puerto Rico?

While We're Here...

Is BedroomTV the creepiest thing on British television since MiniPops?

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Mach 3: Three times the slashing!

Umm.. Daily Show tonight! Hillary Clinton! Tomorrow could be the end! But probably not!

Also: EMI - dumbest bunch of rocks on the planet, or is there something more going on than dropping their hippest group?

Oh My God, What Have I Done?

It’s odd that, instead of turning to the trusty collection of Radiohead and the atom bomb of misery that is Spiritualized’s Ladies And Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space (it even came in a antidepressant pill packet for goodness sake!), I instead have found a record that I always meant to buy eight years ago, but never got around to actually picking it out of the HMV rack.

It's Jo And Danny's Lank Haired Girl To Bearded Boy was one of those records that floated around Radio 1 in 2000, awkwardly sitting on the daytime schedule along with Travis and Britney Spears. Listening to it now, all this time later, the thing that keeps coming back to me is Bran Van 3000. Which is bizarre, but it is almost 3am. It seems to have some of the Drinking In L.A. sound in places, and the vibe of the quieter moments of Discosis.

As I said, it is 3am. And I'm listening to Repentant Song on repeat.

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RIP Netscape


You gave us the Internet. Microsoft gave us the marquee tag. It was never fair.

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It..It Just Can't Be Helped.

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Oh <em>SNAP!</em>

Let’s get this Presidential campaign underway!

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Some People

Some people get drunk, others buy clothes. Some buy chocolates. This is what I got:



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Vampire Weekend

Where even their roadies look like they’ve stepped out of a Wes Anderson film. Still, pretty good, and the inaugural performance of Oxford Comma in Oxford itself was worth waiting for. Mind you, it seems that the new Zodiac has an even stricter curfew on Saturdays than before; it was all wrapped up by around 9:30pm!

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Manifest Destiny

Big Business did not believe in Britain - it believed only in profit. So money went into cinemas, not coal; into luxury flats, not looms for Lancashire; into land speculation, not into agriculture.

Whatever our Party, all of us old enough to remember are in our hearts ashamed of those years. They were unhappy years for our country and our people. They must never come again.