There May Be A Massacre On The Potomac

Virginia was called for Obama two minutes after polls closed…GOP race is ‘too close to call’…pause for laughter


Black Kids are seriously awesome. More tomorrow…

It's Funny

But whenever this story has come up in the news today, I find it troubling to reconcile the MPAA/RIAA’s woes with this story. But I’m sure it’s a misunderstanding. Or that it’s not really ‘stealing’ money from the Toklien estate…

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I Give You...The Picture Of The GOP Primaries!


Your Conspiracy Theory of The Day

Why did the GOP of Washington stop counting when only 87% of precincts had reported, declaring McCain the winner with only 200 more votes than Huckabee?

Yay! Back!

Dreamhost seem to have got their act together again. So…if you sent mail in the past 24 hours, I probably didn’t get it. Also, my Mac power supply has died; I currently don’t have access to my main mailbox, so if you’re waiting on a reply there, you might have to wait until Apple deliver a new one!

But! Tonight! Caucuses! You know I just love a good caucus. Yes, it is a lonely life, thank you very much. Reports are coming in of precincts in Nebraska and Washington breaking for Obama in rather huge numbers. Meanwhile, Huckabee takes the delegates from the GOP vote in Kansas. They really don’t like McCain in the south, you know…

Also! I would like to start a fund. A fund to buy a staplegun so we can staple the camera to the ground in Torchwood. And break the zoom function that they’ve discovered. I do not need to get motion sickness during a conversation scene!

(and this is sadly more entertaining than all of Series 2 so far)

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Nine Months Of This

A few moments later, Coulter said that the best thing that had ever happened to the campaign of “B. Hussein Obama” was when he was born “half black.”

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And Now A Return To Our Programme

Mitt Romney, suspending his Presidential campaign:

If I fight on in my campaign, all the way to the convention, I would forestall the launch of a national campaign and make it more likely that Senator Clinton or Obama would win. And in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign, be a part of aiding a surrender to terror.

Ah, has it been so long since opponents of the GOP were classified as traitors?

Meanwhile, the new Attorney General won’t be investigating waterboarding or warrantless wiretapping, even if it was illegal. I believe we’re at 347 days and counting.

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A Mercy Killing

I was always a Gonch fan, myself.

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Let-Down Wednesday

Well, I did warn you that it was probably going to be a non-event. After all the delegates have been handed out, both Clinton and Obama will get around 830 each, with at most 10-15 delegates between them.

That’ll teach the states to try and make themselves more important. At this point, even North Carolina may turn out to be a pivotal race. And a brokered convention is looking almost certain at this point, barring something extraordinary between now and the end of the primary season.

For the rest of the month, the momentum is probably with Obama. He should win the Washington caucus on Saturday and take most of the primaries in Virginia, DC, and Maryland next Tuesday. Clinton’s hopes pin on the Ohio/Texas contests at the start of March. Unfortunately, that may mean she spends most of February looking like a loser. And Obama has a lot more money than she does at this point.

Over on the Republican side, well…we know that Mitt Romney isn’t going to be the nominee, but again we knew that on Monday. The big surprise is the resurgence of Huckabee. Winning most of the Southern states must now put pressure on McCain to take him on the VP slot. Which would put him a heartbeat away from the Presidency (there’s no getting around McCain’s age, unfortunately). I think the Democrats would be fairly happy facing this combination. Especially considering the right-wing blog response so far.

See you next Wednesday!

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Athens, Georgia.

Matt Frei: It’s like Quidditch! Meanwhile, Hitchens reaches for the rum.

There are rumours that Obama is winning New Jersey.

Ashes To Ashes still looks like a step too far.

Australians being racist. Heh. Basically, to sum up: never ask BBC website readers their opinion on anything.

Other hints: Is McCain suffering from Huckabee still being in the race (not in West Virginia, as the McCain group threw the contest to Huckabee to lock out Romney)?

Polls are about to close in most East Coast states. Here we gooooo!

Huckabee to possibly sweep the South: Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Georgia. CONAN, JON, STEPHEN!! WHAT HAVE YOU CREATED?

Please. Please get rid of Peggy Noonan. At least the Clintons didn't sell coke to blacks in New York to fund weapons for Iran like your wonderful President.

Exit polls are tying both MA and NJ for Obama and Clinton. No-one is winning here tonight...

Warren Ellis in completely misunderstanding what's at stake tonight shocker. Oklahome is called for Hillary. And Tennessee.

6% of the vote reporting in Alabama, and Obama is leading by 40 points. That won't hold, but it's promising...

Oh god, the Ron Pauliacs have invaded the BBC website.

Looks like Hillary is going to hold MA. Considering she had a 20 point lead two weeks ago, that's not too surprising, but you would have hoped the Kennedy connection would have narrowed it somewhat. On the other hand, Delaware and Connecticut are trending Obama, if only by very slim margins.

Kansas and Alabama called for Obama.

Shotgun wedding, anybody?

"The Republicans are terrible at running the country, but they're very good at winning elections" - Howard Dean sums up the American paradox rather well, I think.

North Dakota goes to Obama.

Huckabee is now looking like a prime VP candidate. Now talking about how free markets work wonderfully. We won't mention the Dow today…oh God, and now about eliminating the IRS. He really is the proper conservative candidate, isn't he?

Obama is projected to win Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado? A promising sign that California will be a close-run thing. And add in Minnesota.

The Republican race in Arizona is apparently too close to call. Which is a bit of a problem for Senator McCain (R-AZ)

Romney vows to continue. So the result of the night? Nothing changes. Heh. Okay, going to bed now...