Happy Birthday Richard!

One more year like the rest of us :)

Even The BBC Is Getting Sick of It Now

This week brought news that archaeologists in the battleground state of Oregon had discovered the remains of cave-dwellers thought to be 14,300 years old - which would mean they died just in time to miss the start of the battle for the 2008 Democratic nomination.

It’s Kentucky and Oregon! YEAAAAHHHH!!!

(Seriously, it’s been over for a month now. Hopefully, the Edwards and Byrd endorsements, plus the rolling addition of superdelegates to Obama’s total, means that we might get an ending this week. I know, I’m asking for too much. As usual.)

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Iron Man

I think Walky says it all:

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But...but wait! Our Creme Eggs are getting smaller!

American portion sizes over the last few decades.

And Cadburys are so lying about how Curly-Wurlys haven’t got smaller…

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With Places Like This

I continued to be amused at how often dating sites match me with girls who, let’s just say, prefer the company of girls. The Computer is trying to tell me something, obviously…

(and you’d think that the matching algorithm for that would be a fairly simple one, wouldn’t you? Especially since I seem to have the right settings on my side!)

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A Cheap Shot

Things Younger Than John McCain: A Series

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Our prediction: Here.

Bonnie says Donna is going to die.


A boy holds up a blank sign on the stage. He holds it in front of him for a moment, then brings it aloft with determination.

He holds it there, his face stony and resolved.

And, it cracks. His face falls, bowing and looking straight at the floor. He drops the sign and walks off stage right.


A BOY sits underneath a tree in St. James’s Park. The sun is shining, the deckchairs are filled; it’s a wonderful day in London.

The boy scribbles in a notebook, watching the passers-by.

A GIRL steps out from behind the tree. She’s wearing a yellow halter-top, slim dark blue jeans, and three plastic red stars in her blonde hair.

We don’t care what the boy looks like. Obviously.

GIRL: Can I sit here?

The boy looks up, nods, and returns to his scribbling. The girl rubs a few leaves away with her hand and sits down, cross-legged, next to him.

He scribbles.

She looks over his shoulder.

GIRL: That’s a wonderful picture!

The boy shrugs and continues to draw, making broad strokes with his pencil. The girl ruffles her hair, stands up, and walks off towards the array of deckchairs.

He looks at the now-empty spot next to him and breaks the lead in his pencil on the page.

Day: 8473

I think the news that Obama won Guam by seven votes probably says it all. He and Clinton are utterly deadlocked, splitting the Democratic Party down the middle. Or, looking at it another way, Obama won at the end of March, but Hillary just won’t admit it. And will not even up to November. As I write this, Obama has taken NC (hurrah to all my friends to voted in a primary that mattered for once!), and will probably lose Indiana. Which will probably make the delegate wins for either side tonight about even, maybe a couple more for Obama depending on the size of the win in Carolina.

(As I write, Orange County results (includes Chapel Hill & Carrboro: 77% O, 22% C. Go Tar Heels!)

After tonight, Hillary cannot beat Obama in pledged delegates. From the dailykos headline (it’s not permalinked, sadly, so I can only link to the main page), Obama needs 280 delegates to win a majority. Clinton needs 415.5 (don’t ask about the .5. I think it’s a Democrats Abroad super-delegate). There are 404 pledged delegates left. But 270 superdelegates are still undecided. Surely it must be time. Bring the nightmare to an end! Please!

UPDATE: Clinton is currently up around 10 points in Indiana, but a lot of the urban areas still haven’t reported. This could end up being rather close.

UPDATE 2: For those of you in Durham County, you can be proud to, as it looks like you’ll end up with a similar result to Orange County. Duke and UNC united at last!

Indiana has slipped to six points, Obama strongholds still remain unaccounted…

Update 3: Obama now down by 4…

UPDATE 4: Off to bed. Predicting a Clinton win of 2-3% in IN. 12-15% win in NC for Obama. It should now be over. laughs.