What Say You Come Back In July?

Going to be another of those weeks, I think…

Just What The World Needs

Another Saint Etienne compilation! And obviously, I will be buying the special super-exciting edition!

A new “career” spanning compilation entitled “London Conversations” will be released in September by Universal. It will come in 2 editions: one you may not need cos it’s a condensed greatest hits, the other a 2 disc set which will finally include Lover Plays TheBass! Plus two brand new singles – the first of which will be out in August.

Even better, it looks like their Eclipse label will be releasing some more CDs this year, including the long-delayed The Girls Are At It Again. Hurrah!

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Do You Remember The Times?

I will never see this movie. But I’ll always remember to mix in three million dollars in cold hard cash…

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First Time With Vista

It really is bobbins, isn’t it? Ten minutes from first start-up to getting to a Desktop, Internet Explorer doing odd things with downloads, the whole thing shuddering to a halt when I plugged in a USB mouse…

EDIT…and then it through up a UAC dialog to change the name of an icon. Now, I can rationalise why it did that, but my goodness, the UAC implementation is annoying.

I will run right back into the arms of my Mac, thank you very much…

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Normal Service To Resume?

Sorry, got a little busy this past week. And four weeks from now, I’ll be packing my bags somewhere in Dublin in preparation to get to Prague. Can’t quite get my head around that right now.

My love for The Style Council is deep and embarrassing. Just the thing to kick off the new week, I think…

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SNAP050: Almost done.

Heaven knows it’s got to be this time.

42 Days

Now we’re exactly like the Major Government, down to the Unionists holding sway. Oh, happy days. New Labour: why don’t you just die?

He wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.

Benefits of a classical education.

Edible green dust, 600g of white chocolate, peppermint extract, and an iSi whipper:

Mint Aero!


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SNAP050: It Continues.

Meanwhile, this Johnny Foreigner album is pretty good, isn’t it?

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Euro 2008

So that’s where the costumes from the True Faith video ended up!