The Elephant In Your Living Room...The Fascist In Your Bed

Almost five years since the launch of the iTunes Music Store, it is now the biggest retailer of music in America.

We can pause here to laugh at the RIAA, who were so afraid of unrestricted music that they handed the keys to their kingdom to Apple Computer, Inc. Good show!

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Oh yes.


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2008: Indie Sloganeering For The Masses

Also: iMac speakers are brilliant for holiday office work…

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We Never Had It So Good

Bubblegum Vodka

Milk choclate cups with a kick!

Dr. Pepper Agar Jelly

Strawberry Marshmallows!

Mmmmm YUM.

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Despite All The Fools And Liars


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This is Texas

We do things differently here.

Reactionary? Us?

Lord Scarman called for a new emphasis on community policing and said more people from ethnic minorities should be recruited to the force.

He also advised the government to end racial disadvantage and tackle the disproportionately high level of unemployment among young black men - as high as 50% in Brixton.

The report has been widely welcomed by senior policeman and government ministers.

Or we could just make fun of him by putting his fictional avatar in a cell with...HORROR...GAY PEOPLE! LAUGH AT TOM ROBINSON! VOTE TORY!

This Is Not A Test

I repeat…This Is Not A Test.

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It Was Carrboro...Once Again

Pictures now up on Flickr as usual. Perhaps not a lot to say this time, except that it was stuffed with woodsy walks, compressed shopping, surprise appearances, drinking, a bit more drinking, New Order at 3am in the morning, getting a round of applause at IP3 for turning up in costume, seeing Obamarama come to Chapel Hill, and the usual wonderment. Here’s to November!

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Erm, yes.

Still here. Not for much longer, mind you. Will write a little on the plane home!