FOX: From Little ACORNs do Socialists Grow


The most amusing part of this election so far has been the increase of hysteria within the ranks of Fox News, which marches in time with the rise of Obama’s polling numbers. If you know a little about the channel’s leanings, you’d expect Fox to be quite biased towards McCain, but in the last couple of months all remaining semblance of impartiality has been thrown out the window. As seen by their almost 247 recital of Republican talking points about ACORN, they’re no longer carrying water, but trying to divert oceans. You can’t watch for more then ten minutes without a mention of ACORN, Bill Ayers, or this current weekend’s favourite: ‘Obama’s socialism’.

Watching a news channel in a brazen panic over the possibility of a liberal majority in both elected branches of the US Government is both disturbing and yet incredibly funny. You have to laugh, because otherwise you start yelling at the television asking where they were in 2002 when the GOP got their majority. Or that a non-retouched photo of Sarah Palin is perhaps not a ‘slap in the face to all women’. Or just staring open-mouthed as people make a serious suggestion that ACORN is responsible for the current financial meltdown.

Still, it remains compelling viewing - if only because it seems bizarre that a news network can act like this. Or for days like this morning, straight after the breaking news of the Powell endorsement was announced. The look of horror on the Fox & Friends presenters was priceless. For a minute, they just looked completely stunned. Eventually, they pulled themselves together and started laying out the attack lines on the man they lionised for many years. Just another morning on Fox & Friends.

Also, at this point, I’m starting to think that Obama has enough money to carve his logo into the moon…

Obama Is Scrooge McDuck.

I mean, seriously.

How Much Money Did You Raise Last Month?

Obama: Coming To An Xbox Near You.

FOX News: Fair. Balanced. And Currently Hysterical.

ANDY MARTIN, AUTHOR AND JOURNALIST: I think a community organizer in Barack Obama's case was somebody that was in training for a radical overthrow of the government. You have to really stretch to believe his story that he was living in New York City. He was earning 50,000 to 60,000 a year. And he left this to come to Chicago, to a city where he knew no one, to suddenly start, quote, "organizing," unquote, people.

In my opinion, Barack Obama had already been influenced by his radical ideology and philosophy, probably had met William Ayers in New York and was coming here to lay the foundations for what he thought would be some sort of a political movement that he would be a part of.

My view is that the community organizing was actually kind of sham event that really Bill Ayers was testing him. Because the way these radicals work, they don't give you a big project until you pass muster with a small project. And so they sent him out to Chicago to see what he would do. He passed the test.

Black helicopters not included. I said a month ago that I didn’t think Ayers would come up much. Looks like I was wrong…but it doesn’t seem to be hurting Obama in the polls too much…

Eagleton, You Betcha

You know, maybe a new VP gold-standard is being set here…

This would be a test.

Posting from the shiny.

We're All Socialists Now

Still, if we need a new energy source in a hurry, we can always hook a generator up to Milton Friedman’s spinning grave…

And For The Record

I thought the glitter spray was wonderful.

(it’ll be ten years next week, fact-fans. And now reduced to swapping second-hand clothes. Okay, fancy second-hand clothes and in front of TV cameras, but still!)

Debate 3: I'm Getting Too Old For This

[Cindy] McCain, who stopped to visit a half-dozen children at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt today, said the presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama has "waged the dirtiest campaign in American history,”

Umm. You know, I think there's only one campaign that has been calling out 'traitor', that has its supporters crying out 'kill him!' and indulging in character assassinations because even they admit that they don't want to talk about the economy. But believe what you want to, Mrs. McCain.

Paint your face....paint the walls.

So, debate number three. Obama is currently riding high in national and state polls; if the election was held tomorrow, the Southern Strategy would almost be defeated; the coasts would turn blue, and the Republicans would be facing total defeat, the Democrats in the Senate dangerously edging closer to the filibuster-proof 60 level, the House firmly blue, and the White House back in Obama's hands, poised to take over as Great Depression II: Electric Boogaloo strikes.

Huh. Maybe the GOP wants to lose this thing after all. But nobody's filled John McCain in on that just yet, so the man is up tonight for another try and getting what he feels is owed to him. He tried being the neo-con's neo-con back in 2000, but was sent back to Arizona by dirty tricks in South Carolina. Although he was furious at the time, McCain seems to have got over the 'black baby' affair, seeing as how he's hired the man behind it to work on his campaign. A brief spell followed where he tried to drive a knife into Bush in preparation for a 2004 challenge, but 9/11 changed everything, remember. McCain established a few 'maverick' positions on tax, torture and immigration which gained him a lot of favourable press, so favourable, in fact, that the press didn't seem to notice too much when he abandoned all of them along his road to the GOP nomination.

And so here he is, looking at an electoral map where even North Carolina is looking shaky. He's played almost every rule out of the classic Rove instruction manual, and nothing seems to be working. While the economy crashes all around the country, all he has left is murky charges of 'association with terrorists' and 'against the troops'.

I said I'd be Tony Cascarino, circa 1995

But this is his element! The town hall debate, the series of debates he pleaded for back after Obama finally clinched the Democratic nomination. McCain needs this to go over well tonight; the previous debate didn't really have winner, but voters appear to have judged that Obama was indeed ready to be President based on his performance; a deadly conclusion considering that McCain had been basing a considerable amount of his campaign around the idea that he wasn't experienced enough for the position. Choosing Sarah Palin has energised his base, yet at the same time, she doesn't appear to be helping him in the swing states where he desperately needs to hold on to the Bush 2000/2004 map. They're in trouble.

I expect McCain will do well tonight. He has to.

For Those Of You Playing The 'Maverick' Drinking Game

I salute you. But get yourself to a hospital now.