We May Need A Plan C.

Plan B: RIP.

(Music Press: Back In Exile.)

Reasons Why The Internet Is Wonderful

Buy Gareth Campesinos! worn t-shirts!

Only Sleeping

But maybe something after Saint Etienne on Saturday…

No Consensus

Pelican It Girl!

Pop records as Penguin books!


Do come back when you have some game.

(see here.

And here.

And here.

And Ariston…)

Down At The Corn Exchange...With Stewart Lee


Have an egg!

Bubbly Egg


God bless the Japanese!


David Mitchell: Taking Offence

That's what I really despise: the political opportunism. How long do these ministers imagine the friendships in the rabblerousing tabloids that they are so buying will last? And the price is high; they're supporting a campaign to associate the BBC, its comedians and producers - my whole profession - with all that is offensive, smug and self-serving; to encourage millions who are justifiably angry or afraid, who imagine a mugger in every hoodie, who fear for their jobs and houses or have lost both, to associate the causes of that fear and anger with entertainment and, of all things, the BBC.