Eight Years...And Sanity.

HOLDER: If you look at the history of the use of that technique, used by the Khmer Rouge, used in the Inquisition, used by the Japanese and prosecuted by us as war crimes. We prosecuted our own soldiers for using it in Vietnam. I agree with you, Mr. Chairman, waterboarding is torture.

Eric Holder, next Attorney General of the United States.

“Mr. Chairman, no one is above the law. The president has a constitutional obligation to faithfully execute the laws of the United States.”

The Imperial Presidency may hopefully be reeled back in, thank goodness.

One Week.

What do we think? Better than Andrew Jackson, but worse that Taft?

Classy To The End, Part 345

13 days to go…13 days to go


Woolworth’s, we’ll miss you. Despite the many years of sucking. I guess I can be happy that the shame of attempting to ask out an assistant there will finally fade once the space is taken by another shop..


(not that there’s any shame in asking out a shop assistant, obviously, but I must have glowed bright red that morning…)

Senator Al Franken


(I’m not sure what’s funnier today, that story or John Bolton and John Yoo demanding that Obama respect the Constitution of the United States as President. It’s a bit late for them to develop a sense of humour)

Personally, I'm Expecting The Rapture First

Mr Owen added: “Popeye is one of the first of the famous 20th-century cartoon characters to fall out of copyright. Betty Boop and ultimately Mickey Mouse will follow.”

Popeye’s fall into the public domain in the EU.

A Pitiful Request For A Tracker Link...

Someone, somewhere must have uploaded End of Part One to the net by now. I’ve tried, believe me, but without a UKNova or TheBox login, I think I’ve hit a dead end. If anybody does have an idea where I can either download some episodes or obtain a bootleg, it’d be great. There’s a couple of bits on YouTube, but nothing approaching complete programmes…

What Does Betfair Know?

Matt Smith?

This May Make More Sense Later

Much later.

Welcome To 2009

And first up, a heartly welcome back to Robin Carmody, who has a new blog. No joke - while I know he’s an acquired taste, I’ve always loved reading his unique take on children’s telefantasy, pop music, and British politics. Hurrah for 2009 already!