Durham: A Guide

You may notice some familiar people in the Toast picture!

(also: The Pinhook has a lite-brite? One day, I will get there!)

What The Internet Was Made For:

Tim Westwood’s Twitter stream. It is a thing of beauty.

Ladies I'm in Primark - do you want me to get you anything? Let me know

We May Need A Plan C.

Plan B: RIP.

(Music Press: Back In Exile.)

Reasons Why The Internet Is Wonderful

Buy Gareth Campesinos! worn t-shirts!

Only Sleeping

But maybe something after Saint Etienne on Saturday…

No Consensus

Pelican It Girl!

Pop records as Penguin books!


Do come back when you have some game.

(see here.

And here.

And here.

And Ariston…)

Down At The Corn Exchange...With Stewart Lee


Have an egg!

Bubbly Egg