What Fresh Horror Is This?


Yes, that's right. Flying Saucers with the sherbet removed and hundreds and thousands put in its place.


Well, hello, Mr. November

October was not that interesting. Or maybe I’m in a deep blog-avoiding phase at the moment. The latter will most likely change as the next year rolls around, but more on that another time…

God Bless Nicky Wire (and Avril Lavigne too...)


It's Not Gill Sans

The font of the Tube.

(also, Network Rail need to hire a sign-maker that isn’t so cheap that they use Arial when it’s supposed to be Helvetica, dammit!!)

Last Day of Summer

Blackcurrant & Pectin

The sugar sparkles in the fading sunlight. Autumn is coming. Too soon, and not soon enough.

Hello September

In general, been at work.

But! If you’re thinking of Christmas presents, everybody would love to have one of these in their stockings…

(when I say everybody, I’m meaning me, obviously)

What A Life It Would Be...If You Would Come To Mine For Tea

We’ll have sandwiches.

I feel a responsibility to a younger version of me, one that back in 1996 would be shocked and depressed about Oasis finally splitting up. But sadly, I no longer have it in me. Besides, The Quietus has summed up most of my feelings on the matter, though I think it gives Noel a bit too much credit, and that Amorphous Androgynous mix of Falling Down is not as good as its surrounding hype.

So I’ve failed myself. But I will point out that he was absolutely right about Kenickie.


The first Senate website…

The Utopia Estate

Oh, is it a little bit harder than it looks?

A Summary of Republican/Democratic Negotiating Techniques