Missing - One Year

And all of a sudden, it’s October. I remember July like it was yesterday, and feel like the summer just breezed by without really saying hello or coming around for tea. Having said that, the leaves may be falling, but it was still 32C here yesterday. It’s not right.

(I’m also a little worried about how I’ll adjust to the temperature when I go home for Christmas. Having spent two years here now, will I freeze to death? Run cowering at the sight of snow? Or just wear a nice big thick wooly jumper and eat five hundred mince pies? I’m hoping for the latter, myself. Oh goodness, it’s only a couple of months until I’m back in the presence of radiators. How I have missed your adjustable slabs of white hot metal and your hiss late in the evening when the heating bursts into life!)

But anyway, October. Plans need to be formed about Christmas chocolates, contractors need to be found (and to consider small claims court for our June mistake on that front), ideas for the next year here in Durham - the house, friends returning from trips away, family coming next April, and how different the city will look next October as the regeneration tide gets higher. But not all the boats are lifted.

After much, much procrastination, I have a learner’s permit again, so I can drive if I have a responsible adult in the car alongside. That’s something that needs to be sorted out too - I’ve lived in the US for two years and haven’t had a car. I survived! (Thanks to friends with cars, mind you) But now, I think it’s time to give in.

I’m being bitten by bugs as I sit out and watch the leaves fall, a mixture of Summer leaving and Autumn coming. Which means hot chocolate soon, everybody!

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Missing The Stairs

I miss the stairs. Having lived for over thirty years in houses with stairs, one of the big adjustments in the new house (I say new but you know what I mean) is that everything is on one level. On the one hand, it’ll be great for Bonnie*, but I miss the space and separation that two levels provides. This is probably not helped by watching Grand Designs and seeing people render three-level brutalist pieces. I will try to limit myself to thinking about remodelling the bathroom in the upcoming year. EVERYBODY WANTS A NEW AESTHETIC BATHROOM.

*(okay, Bonnie has decided that she actually wants a Huf Haus, and may leave me room to live in this house after she’s taken up the back garden. Maybe)

It’s been a quiet week, and a quick one. My main achievement this week was lopping a webapp’s JavaScript code in half using the old faithful Mustache.js. Oh, and one other thing, but that’s for a separate blog post, I think. However, their has been some further news on the Kokyu/Motorco split. While I was writing it up last week, Flip, the owner of the truck, posted over at Carpe Durham, and it sounds like it wasn’t a happy break:

I don’t want to go into too much detail, as I have been playing phone tag with peeps at Carpe Durham to provide more info. I would like to say that the two announcements are related only in the fact that we were asked by Motorco to vacate the premises by Oct. 15.

This was followed up with a slightly more amicable interview in today’s News Observer, which spends some time reminding us that Motorco hasn’t played friendly with others in the area in the past, either (the blocking off of its car park in order to prevent people parking for Fullsteam, for example). It’s odd when Greg Hatem comes off as being the more reasonable person in a story…


It seems to have been a week of deadlines. From making cakes, writing a story, coding apps, making sure my galley proofs for my book were fine before it gets sent to the printers, phoning Durham up to convince them that a bill they sent to the house is no longer our responsibility, and the dreaded macarons, there’s been time-limits all over the place. I’m looking forward to a more laid-back week to come. Though having said that, it’s rewarding to get everything done (and while I curse their existence while making them, the macarons are popular! Also, it was a birthday request for a friend I hadn’t seen in quite a while, so how could I say no?)

And, a by-product of the weekend’s baking: salted caramel ganache. You will see it again, trust me.

Things are a-foot in Durham as well. The DIY area of the city, centred on Rigsbee Avenue, has been the place for food trucks to hang up their berth for the past few years. We knew that things were going to be changing with the opening of The Pit next to Fullsteam sometime this Autumn, but this week, the other shoe dropped: Motorco is going to be serving food shortly, too. Given that Kokyu seems to be anchored to Motorco almost every evening of the week, we were wondering what was going to happen to them. Then, the other other shoe dropped (yes, three legs!): Kokyu is about to launch a Kickstarter to set up a restaurant and commissary kitchen somewhere in Downtown Durham.

While a restaurant doesn’t seem too crazy, another commissary kitchen that close to The Cookery is a little surprising. We’re also wondering just where in downtown they plan to put all this, given that trucks are going to need quite a bit of space for parking. If only the old bus station was still available…

Catch Up

And just like that, it’s been two weeks since I posted anything here. Oops. Which means lots of updates, because surely many exciting things have happened in the meantime?


Well, okay, my book should be heading to the printers this upcoming week, so that’s somewhat exciting. My second book publication! The first in English! I can read this one! I will, obviously, let you know the moment that you can order it, because I know a large portion of my readers are dying to know how to get started with developing with Zepto.js. Okay, maybe one of you. Or two. That’s not going to help my royalties!*

* (Hahahaha, he thinks he’s going to get a royalty payment! - Ed.)

In other news, it looks like the damage to my CDs wasn’t quite as extensive as I thought a couple of weeks ago. While I’ve lost over 300 CD cases, I only seem to have lost about 20-25 discs. Unfortunately, they were things like the limited edition New Order and Saint Etienne reissues (including, yes, including Boxette. I almost teared up at that one), which combined with the destruction of Transformer boxes (look. Look at this auction) does mean that there was quite a bit of damage done, even if it wasn’t as catastrophic as originally perceived. Negotiations are continuing on that front.

While I still deserve to be poked with sticks over my constant delaying, I did, finally, meet up with Joe of Joe’s Diner today. On first look, his space looks almost perfect for chocolate working at the weekend. Which is potentially good news! If nothing else, it should mean that Christmas chocolates and other assorted confections will be available again this year, and also opens the prospect of a more sustained production line in the near future. We still need to hammer out some of the details, and there will be a testing session before the Christmas run (you see, we learnt from The Cookery debacle of last year!). I’m hoping that the testing session will result in a super-rare limited edition two-piece chocolate package which we’ll pass around town to see if we can drum up some interest in selling more. One hopes.

And yes, it’s not quite having the stork drop off a baby at the door, but as of this evening, we’re de-facto guardians of an 18-year-old. Only two years until the terrible teens are over!

The Rodeo Is In Town

Moving to East Durham must have addled our brains. Though I vaguely knew that there was a Food Truck Rodeo down in Central Durham this weekend, I completely forgot about it until this morning at around 10:30. And then I was out of the house at 11 in order to get there before the 12:30 start time. A few tips for the next rodeo, especially if it’s your first:

  • The best time to go to a food truck rodeo is before it starts. Most of the trucks will be up and running at around noon. If you go later, even around the announced start, the lines will be building up. At around 2pm, you might as well go somewhere else.
  • Why not go somewhere new? American Meltdown is always going to be out and about. Chirba Chirba too. Skip their queues and visit them when they’re next at Fullsteam - try one of the newer trucks!
  • on that bent, Chai’s Global Food is pretty good - I’m sad that I didn’t have enough room for their ramen burger special, but the bulkogi taco and Momofuku-esque pork bun were rather tasty!)_
  • Pace yourself! One thing that the rodeos could do a little better is recognize that there’s always about 50-60 trucks about at one of these events. You want to sample as much as possible, but most of the trucks only offer their usual full-meal venue. It’d be great if there was a food truck flight option that saw the trucks offering much smaller sample options. In the meantime, go with a bunch of friends and share.
  • Bring water! When I left the house, it was a warm temperature, but there was a good breeze. By the time I got to DCP, the temperature seemed to have risen by about five degrees (Celsius!), and I was sweating horribly. If you plan on making a day of it, water will prevent you from either dying or becoming destitute by buying bottled water over and over again.

All in all, it was a good diversion after discovering that the mold has destroyed a lot more of my CD collection than I initially realised.

I Believe It's Pronounced I Told You So

Thanks to everybody who came by to the house last night! If you weren’t there, why not? We had barbecue, chocolates, and a fire that raged two storeys high; you missed out, it seems.

New job has begun; super-secret and I can tell you nothing. Sorry about that. It was nice to have an official Twitter welcome, mind you!

The house is nearly resembling something that could be described as ‘almost there’. We have an IKEA run this coming weekend, wherein I’m going to attempt to buy storage units to finally get my CD collection out of the boxes it has been living in for the past two years (and hopefully the mold has been killed stone dead by the rice; that’s Sunday and Labor Day’s job (and yes, Labor Day - as it’s their holiday, I’m deferring to their spelling)). We even have half a pot rack up! (rack is up - we just need to get things that allow us to attach the pots to the rack)

Not much of an update this week, sadly. I think I pre-empted myself by blogging about USCIS mid-week. All my anecdotes used up by Tuesday.

If I haven’t phoned Joe about the commissary kitchen by the end of next week, you all have permission to poke me…

A Brief Respite

As ever, I made a list of things I wanted to get accomplished during my time inbetween jobs. And, just like normal, I’ve done less than a third of that. In my defense, the amount of time I had off was shorter than I expected - I was planning on a week; I got two days. But still, there’s a sense of ‘I should be doing more!’ nagging at the back of my mind.

Having said that, aside from getting things organized for the housewarming party on Saturday (are you coming? You should! Email for details if you haven’t got them yet), I have finally, finally managed to make a set of gummies that I didn’t want to throw away in the dustbin five minutes after finishing them. They’re chewy and shiny, and with the help of the confectionery funnel that my sister bought me for Christmas a couple of years ago, they were pretty easy to deposit into their molds. What I need now is a 3D printer to make custom starch-imprint molds, and a room dedicated to storing cornstarch-filled frames. The former might end up being an easier accomplishment than the latter, I think.


(I have idly thought that the back of the garden has promise for a multi-level kitchen / library outhouse. When I say ‘outhouse’, though, I mean something like this, which is somewhat more grandiose than your usual outhouse. So if somebody would like to give me all the monies to start building that, I’ll get right on it, but for now, it’s strictly living in my head. The library has a great view of the warehouse chimneys of Durham, I assure you)

Anyway, today has been mostly spent on going to USCIS to get my biometrics taken. A twenty-minute visit that sucked up pretty much my whole day. A visit to the DMV was also on the agenda today, but Google Maps lied to me, and I won’t be able to make it to either of the ones that do exist before they shut. So the learner’s permit renewal is still some time off. While I’ve been living here for two years now and have survived without a car, it’s clear I am going to need to do something about that. Or get an ELF.

(Yes, in Durham, they’ve rediscovered the Sinclair C5. And they’re serious about it. Sir Clive would be proud. And then try and flog them the back stock of Hoover motors he probably has squirreled away in a warehouse in Essex)

Quiet evening ahead, and then a new day, a new job, tomorrow. But with familiar faces, which makes things easier.

That Big News

Sorry for the missing update last week; I had planned to tell you all about my surprise return to OSI, but it got delayed a little due to a few issues behind the scenes here and there. And then I scooped the blog by announcing it on Twitter. So you probably all know about that already. Not much more to say, I think - I’ve really enjoyed my time at ReverbNation, and I wasn’t looking for a new job at all, but the OSI was in the end too tempting to pass up. I start next Wednesday as a Senior Developer. Quite excited.

Hmm, so what else did I do this week? Oh, that’s right, I finished writing my book.

And I started and finished Red or Dead, the new novel by David Peace. It’s something. It’s a 700 page hagiography of Bill Shankly. Now, Peace has a reputation for repetition in his writing style. Red of Dead takes that style and stretches it out to breaking point…and then kicks it in the back of the net. At home, at Anfield. Here’s a sample:

One week later, Liverpool Football Club travelled to Bramall Lane, Sheffield. And Liverpool Football Club drew nil–nil with Sheffield United. Liverpool Football Club then beat Blackpool Football Club away, Liverpool Football Club then beat West Ham United five–one away. And Liverpool Football Club then beat Fulham Football Club. At home, at Anfield. Liverpool Football Club then drew one-all with West Ham United. Three days later, Liverpool Football Club travelled to White Hart Lane, London. And Liverpool Football Club lost two–one to Tottenham Hotspur. That evening, Liverpool Football Club ..

It goes on like that for seven hundred pages. Every fixture, every goal. At home, at Anfield, or away. It’s quite hypnotizing, in its own way. And polarizing. I loved it wholeheartedly, and it made me realize how much I miss football being just there. I don’t watch it, I moan when my sister puts on another game and manages to find games even after the season has ended, but it has always been there. The FA Cup. My granddad talking about Sheffield Wednesday. My birthday. 1989. Fantasy Football. Watching the World Cup Final in ‘94 in a hotel room in America, yet probably no closer than if we were watching it at home. The night Man Utd beat Bayern Munich in 1999, winning the Treble. All the World Cups, and how every Kinder egg in ‘86 had that Mexican mascot inside.

Red or Dead reminded me of that. And winter, and the night-time.

No you won't, said Bill Shankly. You'll see me at Anfield, John. And Anfield is not in England. Anfield is in Liverpool. And Liverpool is not in England. Liverpool is in a different country, John. In a different country, in a different league.

Stolen Watermelons

It’s an odd thing to steal, but it wasn’t just the watermelons. Somebody came into our garden on Wednesday during the day and had a good rummage around. They trampled on our tomato plants, cut out a ripe watermelon and some nearly ripe ones, and also made off with quite a few unripe apples. Which was less than pleasant to come home to, especially since Stacie was going to cut the melon that night and take it to share with some other people that don’t despise watermelon (it’s just nasty!).

We’re at the intersection of a fairly busy road, so it could have been anybody, really. We had been idly thinking about getting gates to close off the driveway entrances to let Mukhi roam free, but sadly, it seems they’re going to be obtained somewhat sooner than we planned to keep people out as well as keep our dog in.

Meanwhile, Oscar seems to have taken up residence in the room full of boxes and meows loudly any time you come near him. Not sure what that’s about. Maybe he’s signalling that he wants to build a cat adventure playground with the leftover cardboard. I, however, am thinking about bouncy castles for a housewarming party, so I guess I can’t criticise him too much about wanting adventures.

Today saw my first attempt at making chocolates in the smaller kitchen space in the new home. I miss Trinity’s kitchen. Things were somewhat cramped, even after I made a makeshift island out of leftover boxes (and yes, Oscar did give me a filthy look as I took some of his boxes away), but I eventually managed to get a batch of strawberry ganache chocolates made and packed away for tomorrow. I’m thinking that one large island and one smaller cart may be a good idea for adding work surfaces but not cluttering the kitchen up too much. And! I’ve just put the dishwasher on for the first time.

I have become a middle-class bore. I might have some interesting news for you all this week, though.