A Weekend Of Fun

Three days later, I’ve finally got a hold on a graphics homework that took me two evenings to do three years ago. Yay for progress.

The weekend hasn’t been a complete disaster - in a fit of despair last night I managed to write a five-page comic script, plus the germ of another five/six page short.

Have any of you PS2 owning people bought GTA3: Vice City yet? Is it good?

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[ This Entry Intentionally Left Blank ]

Are we having fun?

It’s like you’ve only just discovered the image tag. God help us all when you discover OBJECT.

Hopelessly behind in buying Christmas presents, but I’ve worked out the songs for the Christmas CD. I’ve just got to come up with a decent order. Which is normally where things fall apart. I know what’s coming first, and what’s going last, but I have fifteen other tracks to arrange. Mind you, I’m still tracking songs down on SoulSeek (you really have to hear Vic Reeves’ version of Vienna. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget), so the tracks aren’t finalised yet either. But you can be sure that New Kids On The Block’s “Funky, Funky Christmas” won’t be there. Or Mull of Kintyre…

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With great power comes great responsibility.

Listen, children: HTML posting is now enabled. Play nice.

Already starting to get worried about the new Bond film. Bond seems to have gained a sidekick. And this news doesn’t help matters. Let’s hope that Berry manages to act a little better than she did in X-Men.

Usual fun with the computer this morning - it decided that resetting at random intervals was a good idea. I felt otherwise, so I took it apart again this afternoon. Turns out the motherboard power connector wasn’t securely in place, so the power kept disappearing. The reset button was wired in the wrong place as well, but I’m not sure if that was contributing to the problem. It seems to be okay at the moment, and my CD-R driver is working again. I’m getting the duct tape out for the next major emergency…

Really, really, really hating the Mutant Enemy team. Still.

At last the major media begins to realise what the Homeland Security Bill is about. Why certainly, I trust one of the major players of Iran-Contra with an extensive database of information on everybody in the United States of America. You’d have to be some sort of Islamic Liberal Communist Terrorist to think otherwise. REX84! REX84!

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It's Christmas!

All the malls are covered with Christmas decorations, so it must be true. I’ll be breaking out Fairytale of New York shortly. By the time I leave, the floor will understand that it is the greatest Christmas song of all time. Or they have smashed my speakers and taken a high-power electromagnet to my hard drives. I’m willing to undertake this sacrifice to educate America.

I have a great idea for a TV credits sequence. It’s the inverse of the current trend of just have a ten/fifteen second stab of music and titles. We play The Who’s Won’t Get Fooled Again. For all nine minutes. Now, tell me that wouldn’t be cool…

My CD-R drive seems to be broken. It was working fine on Sunday, but now refuses to write anything. Obviously, fixing Windows 2000 was just too much for it to handle.

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Back In Britain

Just to show that I’m keeping up with the important events in British life, I’ve been looking over Radio 2’s Top 100 Number 1 singles list from the weekend. If nothing else, it’s an excellent way of revealing the average age of the Radio 2 listener (skewing to 35+, judging by the lack of records from 1985 onwards). I can get behind most of the Top Ten, although I will never understand the love of the po-faced, cod-operatic tedium that is Bohemian Rhapsody. I’d rather listen to Abba.

I’d just like to point out I hate Joss Whedon and the entire Mutant Enemy team. HAAAATTTTTE.

Anyway, where was I? Oh. Right. This chart was compiled to celebrate 50 years of the British charts, and they’ve created a website which has a list of all the top singles from 1952 onwards. The scary thing is that I can remember every Number One from the start of 1987. Whether I saw it on Top of The Pops, got up early to watch the group appear on Going Live/8:15 From Manchester, spent Sunday afternoon hoping that a song I want to tape comes on the chart before my parents come back from the hospital, or something else, there’s a memory associated with each song. I am a Child of Pop.

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Weapon of Choice

God walks tall and carries an AK-47. Personally, I think that the Allah figure is the best, but you have to respect any toy line that packages Pope John Paul II with a Walther PPK.

Back to comics: the Diamond shipping list for this week indicates that after two years of waiting, The Invisible Kingdom is finally shipping this week, meaning that all of The Invisibles is now back in print. Hopefully, the rumours that this new collection corrects script and art errors in the original run are true. Now, if DC would just get around to reprinting Kill Your Boyfriend…

The new Sigur Ros album is quite a disappointment. It’s not bad, it’s not good. It just lingers anonymously in the background. After half-an-hour, I had to check that Rhythmbox had actually moved to another track (all the songs are untitled). Not a good sign.

Dancing Into The Supercontext

Thankfully, the hall wasn’t destroyed by a rogue helicopter gunship yesterday; it was just a pre-game show.

I can’t help feeling that I’ve somewhat wasted this weekend I’ve done several little jobs that needed to be seen to (the new power supply is installed, I’ve got Windows 2000 working again, and I’ve encoded the Firefly premiere for Bonnie), but I don’t seem to have spent much time on my work. However, I’ve finished the marking for the latest assignment, so I can rest easy for about a week or so on that front.

Some comic news that might interest a few of you: there’s going to be a new Authority on-going series starting up next year, so you’ll be able to get your fix of the old ultra-violence after you’ve finished reading the trade paperbacks. I’m more interested in the return of Transformers: UK myself, but then I’m slightly strange.

You would think that having not written anything since Wednesday, I’d have something to write about today, wouldn’t you? I hope nobody is expecting me to have lots of interesting anecdotes to tell when I get back for Christmas, as you’ll be extremely disappointed. Unless, of course, you somehow find a discussion of Chapel Hill’s public transport system inherently fascinating. I thought not. As a last resort, I can freestyle on Disney’s current obsession with making inferior sequels to classic animated films (does the world need The Jungle Book II? or The Little Mermaid III: This Time Sebastian Gets His?), but that normally ends with me in a rage over their pillaging of the public domain and a scathing attack on current copyright laws. You’d best hope that I get out sometime between now and December, to be honest….

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Black Science

An Apache helicopter has just flown past my room. Should I be scared?

One day, Ian went to the airport...

It was going so well. I had managed to get to the airport, get my tickets changed, and was about to head back to Chapel Hill.

I’m sorry, we don’t do transfers anymore

According to the website, you were able to get on at the airport, pay there, and not have to pay when you got on the bus to Chapel Hill. Now this wouldn’t normally be a problem; I carry enough money to pay for a bus fare. Except that for some reason, all the buses only take exact change and I only had a $20 note.

Which left me stranded in the middle of the Research Triangle Park. I set off to find somewhere to get some change. It turns out that the Park is a really bad place to attempt this. Nothing. No, wait, there was an abandoned cafe, which looked as if it had been vacant for at least six months. I did think about locating the RedHat building and throwing myself at their mercy, but thought it probably wasn’t the best of ideas. Which left me with one option: walk to Durham.

Americans do not believe in paving either side of a major road. I was unfortunately on the wrong side of the road, and the prospect of crossing a busy four-lane highway didn’t really appeal to me that much. Mind you, going across the Interstate bridge by walking on the road part didn’t either, but I had no choice in that. And then, just for giggles, it started to rain.

An hour later, I made it to the Durham city limits (incidentally, I passed the hotel that we stayed in back in August), and dove into the first fast-food outlet that presented itself. Then all I had to do was buy enough food to get me single dollar bills. This sounds easy, but sales tax meant I had to visit the counter twice before I had what I needed. Then all I had to do was find a bus stop, wait twenty minutes for a bus to sharply brake in front of me, and I was on the way back to Chapel Hill.

Today’s lessons: always carry plenty of change. And never trust the Internet…