Run Away. Fast.

I like Enimem, because he hates homosexuals. But his music sucks.

Not the sort of thing I was expecting to hear in ultra-liberal Chapel Hill. Thankfully, the person above left fairly soon after that. I went out again with Rishi last night, to meet up with some of his friends (who were very friendly and seemed a lot nicer than the above person, who we met along the way). My body isn’t quite back into the going to bed at 2am routine yet, so today has been fairly tiring.

The curse returns. Over a month in, and I’ve already killed a newspaper. Fear my POWER!

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The Insider

Dr. Wigand is a brave man. North Carolina is one of the biggest tobacco farming states in the USA, so I suppose a frosty reception was expected. Still, I was surprised at the question and answer session, which ranged from accusing him of placing the bullet in his letterbox, to asking whether there were any benefits to nicotine (after he’d spent over an hour going into the details of nicotine abuse). Apparently, Michael Mann was still being threatened up to the day of the Oscar ceremony over the film. Wigand paints a rather depressing picture of today’s corporate America; the lies and deceit present in the cigarette industry seem to have spread to other companies with disastrous effects for the entire nation. What’s worse is that people know this is true. Last week’s Question Time had the entire American audience laughing at Ed Koch’s depiction of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld as honest men of integrity. But no-one seems to be doing anything constructive to change things.

Glad to hear that you don’t have writer’s block, Joanne. However, the book was supposed to be out last year, was it not? Mind you, she’s in an envious position; she can tell her publisher to jump and they’ll outpace Jonathan Edwards….

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More things to worry about

I still don’t have a Social Security Number. Which means I won’t get paid at the end of the month, unless it arrives fairly soon. Of course, if I really think about it, I can probably last for about three/four months before I’ll start to have money problems, but it would be nice if the US Governement could send me my magic number, if they have any time to spare while planning Gulf War II: Die Harder.

Another list - upcoming albums that I’ll probably be buying:

The Lone Gunman

The next person who sets the fire alarm off at 1am will be shot. Wal-Mart sells rifles at reasonable rates, you know.

The current argument over RSS 1.0/2.0 took a very ugly turn this morning, with Dave Winer virtually ensuring that the détente that had been building for the past two weeks is now wrecked beyond all repair. The next step seems to be that the RSS 1.0 group will change their name, and eventually become a W3C standard, thus leaving RSS 2.0 to twist in the wind. Probably not what Dave had in mind when he announced the new spec a few weeks back.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m not all that impressed with Transformers: Armada so far. The cartoon hasn’t impressed with the first three episodes, and the toys have been a let-down as well. After the extreme poseability of the Beast Wars/Machines and RiD toys, it’s a bit jarring to go back to the restricted movement that the new toys have. Even the new Optimus Prime toy isn’t that great. I was prepared to skip most of the line. Then I saw some pictures of Jetfire. Oh yes. Now that’s much better.

The hyper-productive Brem X Jones has the latest installment of his Hit mini-comic up at NextComics. I don’t think it’s as good as Hit 1, but it’s definitely worth your time.

I’ve decided to take advantage of the insane prices of CPUs at the moment; a 1800 XP Athlon is currently heading towards Chapel Hill, along with a new fan to stop it from melting. It should help the MPEG encoding (I did some more testing today on The Daily Show - it’s taking 50% of CPU time and seems to be fairly fragile, but audio/video seem to be in sync and are of good enough quality for burning to VCD) which will be starting in earnest from this Friday with the Firefly premiere.

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Not Dead Yet

Thanks, everybody, for your encouraging comments. And I’m sorry if I mistakenly gave the impression that I jumped out of my window last night by not answering any e-mails or responding to IM messages. I’m feeling better today; the two pieces of work that led to yesterday’s message have been finished and sent to the appropriate place. I even answered a question in a lecture today…

Hmm. I saw a poster today that seemed to indicate that this week UNC was having a talk hosted by Dr. Jeffrey Wigand (the whistle-blower that Russel Crowe plays in The Insider), but I can’t seem to find it on-line anywhere. Maybe it was for last year.

I am deeply disturbed by the indication that two of my friends back home have swords. Bicester isn’t that rough yet, surely?

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It’s been lurking on the horizon since Wednesday, but today it caught up with me. Little things like starting work a little bit later every day, not getting as much done as what I said I’d do, stopping to check my mail every five minutes, getting distracted by webpages I meant to read after I had finished. Today I was supposed to start work at 11am. I belatedly started at one. Today I broke down. I couldn’t do what I was supposed to do, didn’t want to do it, couldn’t summon any enthusiasm for any of the things I was working on.

This always scares me; several years back, when I was in the Sixth Form at Bicester, I was ill for a long time. Everytime I went near the school, I would get light-headed to the point of almost passing out. I was tired all the time, and couldn’t concentrate. I just couldn’t do anything. The doctors had no real idea what was going on. Eventually, it seemed to go away. But I worry about it coming back.

At about half-past two, I’m still not getting anywhere, and by this time I’ve managed to convince myself that I’m a total failure in just about everything. That’s when I have to stop. Before I break something. Like myself.

I took an hour off, and tried to rearrange things. I did some small things that I had to get done for tomorrow out of the way first, and then went back to what I was working on before the meltdown. It’s mostly finished now. Do I feel better? Not really. Because it’s going to start over again tomorrow.

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Learning From Mistakes

Okay, so the pancake rolls were probably a bad idea. I know this now.

It’s taken me a month, but yesterday I finally spent the last $20 note that I entered the country with, so on Monday it’s time to start drawing from my new bank account. The final note was sacrificed to Make Comics Better; I started a standing order at the comic shop. Such a difference from back home, as the guy behind the counter was friendly, talkative, and laughed at my inclusion of Ministry of Space. He thought he might have one thing I was looking for in stock, so he went and had a look (they didn’t, but they’ll order it for me). Such a change from Oxford.

Through no real effort of my own, I seem to have stumbled across several people who I thought had dropped off the Net today. There’s Paul O’Brien, who seems to post less to the rac* hierarchy these days, but is over at the V Forum (yes, I broke down; I’m not going back to the WEF though - the amont of unread messages scares me. And I like Nick’s Transformer stories), and he has a LiveJournal site. I checked up on Priest’s weblog to see if he’s made any postings about Black Panther #49, and he gives me a link to Elmo, who I thought had disappeared years ago. Nice to see that they’re still around (mind you, it’s not as if they know who I am - I posted about once every two months to USENET back when I was at Manchester, and apart from getting scolded by Roger Stern once, I didn’t make too much noise there).

Today’s pick from the Netflix account was Rushmore. Not the extra-fabulous Criterion edition, just the regular version, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Especially the escalating battle between Murray and Schwartzman.I can see why people rave about Wes Anderson now; I’ve got Bottle Rocket in my queue, and I’ll probably pick up The Royal Tanenbaums as it’s rather cheap for a Criterion release…

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Compromise is the Devil Talking

I love Amélie.

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50 Minutes of Screaming

Thanks to the BBC’s quite useful website, I managed to watch tonight’s Question Time (video quality was awful, but with a programme like QT, you only really need audio). An entertaining hour, if surprising to discover that the person getting the most cheers was Michael Moore. I think a backlash is slowly beginning to gain some momentum.

My mentor at UNC complimented me on this site today, so I’d just like to say thanks, if he’s still reading. I’m a bit more talkative on here than in real life - I apologise for being a bit shy today…

Looking at the date, it seems that I’ve now been here for a month, which is normally the point where I stop keeping track of such things. And I haven’t boarded a plane home yet. So things are going reasonably well. I’ve also just discovered that the university does in fact have a film society, and I went to the first meeting tonight. It’s a little bit more involved than Manchester’s ‘Let’s put a film on every so often’ take on things. The CPG produces a short film every semester. They teach you how to light, edit, operate cameras, and create sets. They have a sister screenwriting group that meets twice a month to spitball ideas - plus seminars with people like Chuck Palahniuk. It costs $10 for a year. I left with a big smile.

I’ve spent the last hour trying to find out whether it’s better to order the Dexy’s back catalogure from here or the UK. I’m blaming Kieron.

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One Year On

To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about today. While I knew that the university wasn’t shutting down, and classes were proceeding as usual, I felt that today was going to be a very subdued affair. Instead, it turned out to be a fairly normal day; yes, the flags were at half-mast, there was a ceremony at noon in the centre of the campus, but for the most part, people were just going about their lives, joking with their friends, talking on mobile phones, or trying to get the shopping done. Slightly different to the day’s events in New York, but no less important, I feel.

I decided to take the afternoon off, and finally get around to leaving Chapel Hill for a few hours, even it was only to go to a shopping mall. The pull of the Apple Store was just too great. It’s rapidly becoming a question of when, not if

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