"It was breezy…Oh, gosh, what if it wasn't breezy?"

  • The Postal ServiceClark Gable
    This is the reason why this week’s music entry is late (see!? Postal Service! Ha ha ha (You’re fired. Again. — Ed.)). Probably straying dangerously close to the dreaded emo territory, but this is my new discovery for the week. Americans in London! Writing your past via film! A fun echo effect! And so on.
  • Camera ObscuraLunar Sea
    I've written about this elsewhere, but I thought I'd stick it up so people can actually hear it. If The Postal Service are dangerously emo, then Camera Obscura are Belle & Sebastian after getting high on pixy stix and having their faces painted like tigers. This is from their latest album, Underachievers Please Try Harder, and harkens back to the childish wonderment of Low's Just Like Christmas. Or so it says here.
This will probably be the last MP3 post for a while; I'm heading off to Chapel Hill again this Thursday (which means the blog might start having longer posts again, for a little while at least), and UNC is closing the account I use to store the files at the end of March (not that I can complain, after having use of it for almost a year longer than I should have done), so getting songs up will be a problem for the foreseeable future. Don't worry, I will find another way to subject you to the horrors of my music collection…

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Danny The Hypertime Street

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Last week: Clinton as VP.

This week: McCain as VP.

Next week: The eldritch-animated statue of Abraham Lincoln as VP!


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Link Mix

Expect police raids for your mix-tapes in a year’s time.

Oh, the fun you can have with a Barbie doll.

Oooh! A shed!

Hmm. Screen-printing.

I wasn't making it up! This show exists!

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Back In The Hat (Although I Don't Have A Hat)

Hmm. Sorry about the lack of updates. Here’s a special music day in order to make up for that.

Firstly, have a listen to this, Travis's new single "Love Will Come Through" (yes, I know, but I'm making a point here, so you can take the pain). Then, after you've done that, download Godspeed You Black Emperor's "Moya". It takes a while to get going, so you might want to fast forward to around eight minutes in if you're in a hurry.

They sound suspiciously similar, don't they?

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It's Been A While

Here’s a preview of a short thing I’m working on, which currently has the rather awkward title of “The Thing With The Supervillains Who Share An Apartment”.

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And Then There Was One

Not exactly the situation people were predicting last November.

Now, it's just about time for the $200m Bush Juggernaut to roll out…

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Are You Scared Yet?

Sometimes, even David Blunkett looks okay

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They wouldn’t, would they?

EDIT: Apparently, Aristide is on CNN right now confirming his side of the story. Mind you, he's hardly an impartial observer. It might just have been that the Marines protecting him thought they couldn't protect him any longer if he stayed in Haiti, and kindly suggested a tactical withdrawal. But it's unsettling, nonetheless…

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The Shifting Places

I love the High Line

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