Poor Old Johnny Ray

“Come On England” may in fact be the worst pop travesty of the past thirty years. I have graphs and figures to back me up. How can you possibly get rid of a line like “moved a million hearts in mono”?

Also, if anybody wants to teach Steven Gerrard which direction to kick a football before the next England match, I'm sure people would be most grateful…

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It’s amazing what you can find at the toy shop…

Fancy a Punt?

Ah, the clear waters of the Thames!

A Song For Indie Hipsters

Today’s song is for all those people who have the rare first album, a bootleg collection that extends to one shelf per artist, and who were present at the first time a band played together, even though it was held in a school cloakroom with fifteen other people present.

(I don't think I count, but you may insist otherwise)

LCD Soundsystem — Losing My Edge

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I have a pre-release copy of the new Polyphonic Spree album. Oooh. It’s quite good…

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"Obviously, you don't know much about the US Government"

For those of you who have an aching need to developing cross-platform applications in Mono (all three of you), this month's Linux Journal includes a guide on just that, written by my humble self. It's great. Buy it and impress friends at parties by describing how attributes work…

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When Geeks Strike!

Disgruntled CS Professor Counter-attack!

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My Island In The Sun

SO HUMID! But great while it lasts…

Time-wasting Links

Courtesy of Laura, this is Found Magazine, a wonderful publication that picks up things that others have discarded.

Ah, the 1980s.

I echo Cory's call for a MacOS X port of Super Mario War! Plus netplay, so we can deathmatch Super Mario across the Internet!

A fun flash game of bubbles and stars

Fun with wrecked typefaces

How copyright law changed Public Enemy


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Rusty Junction