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My Island In The Sun

SO HUMID! But great while it lasts…

Time-wasting Links

Courtesy of Laura, this is Found Magazine, a wonderful publication that picks up things that others have discarded.

Ah, the 1980s.

I echo Cory's call for a MacOS X port of Super Mario War! Plus netplay, so we can deathmatch Super Mario across the Internet!

A fun flash game of bubbles and stars

Fun with wrecked typefaces

How copyright law changed Public Enemy


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Rusty Junction


Jungle Fever!

You could get lost in here…

A Plea To The Audience

Okay, so there’s a few of you out there. Can you help? I’m looking for someone who has a copy of “The Disparate Cogscienti”, an LP released by the record label Cog Sinister in 1988 (catalogue number COG2, if that helps). If anybody reading this has such a thing, and would be willing to make an MP3 copy of the Beatrice track “A Girl Like Me”, I’d be very grateful indeed.

(I know that there's a copy floating around in the vaults of WXYC, but I doubt that they're willing to send MP3s to any listener that emails them with "ooh, that sounded good")

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Brief Music Friday

The TindersticksCan We Start Again?

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Um, hello…

I’ve been checking my logs for the past month, and it seems that I’m getting 3,000 hits from around 300 different addresses each week. So, er, hi! Thanks for stopping by…

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Behind The Curtain

This is almost a week old, but it’s good to remind yourself of the spectre of Government Past:

We not only have an epidemic of obesity ... we have a huge problem of Aids and the Government's attitude is to do everything it can to promote buggery. Maybe those two are somewhat intimately connected.

When Boris Johnson, of all people, is the voice of sanity in a conversation, you know things have gone horribly wrong somewhere…

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Mr Blue Sky

Look! It doesn’t always rain here! Sometimes it’s quite nice, in fact…