I heard the best song of the year so far this evening. More in a few days, but I’m still listening to it now…

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Oooh, that's harsh!

Joan of Arcadia didn’t seem all that bad when I watched an episode.

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Links Everywhere

Oooh. Pretty.

Monster! Monster!

Little books!

Because the Internet really does have everything!

Japanese folding (again)

Team America (Supermarionation is back!)

Inside the mind of Lewis Carroll

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RIP Red Adair

I always liked him, ever since I read a story about him in a book my Granny gave to me years ago.

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The Music Replacement. I'm So Sorry.

Since the BPI have called a halt to Music Fridays — introducing: US Election round-up!

(Well, that'll keep them interested. *YAWN* — Ed.)

Anyway, the big story of the week is Swift Veterans Against Kerry. This is a group of Vietnam veterans who have written a book, Unfit For Command, and released an advert calling John Kerry's war record into question. Specifically, they say that Kerry did not deserve the Bronze Star he was awarded for rescuing Jim Rassman, and that he lied when testifying about war crimes. If nothing else, this advert has seriously pissed off John McCain, who called upon the White House to denounce it (so far, they've only issued a non-committal "we have said that we won't talk about Kerry's military record" statement). The book is currently number one on Amazon, but the story is beginning to fall apart already.

Firstly, none of the men in the advert actually served on Kerry's boat. All of the men who served with Kerry are supporting him, bar one who is now dead. Secondly, one of the members of SVAK, Larry Thurlow, who has been on several news networks this week denouncing Kerry and insisting that the attack never took place, won a Bronze Star himself for the incident. So he's lying now, or he doesn't deserve his Star either. And finally, George Elliot, a member of the group in the advert, appeared in today's Boston Globe to retract the claims that he made, and to say that he regretted making them.

One question remains though: how did this new group manage to find enough funds to broadcast in the hotly contested swing states of Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin (at a cost of roughly $500,000)? It appears the key figures behind the campaign are a Texan Republican, Bob Perry, who donated $100,000 to the group, and John O'Neill, the co-writer of Unfit For Command, who was once hired by the Nixon Government to discredit Kerry and the Veterans Against The War group back in the 1970s. No direct involvement from the White House. Of course.

Meanwhile, the latest news from Florida. Welcome to the bounce.

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A Promise To You, Our Faithful Readers

When we have lots of money and are making our own Hollywood blockbuster, we will make sure we have safety railings.

(I, Robot: Much better than you'd expect! And actually rather good!)

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Time Wasting

Lots of silly Flash games.

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They're Addicted To Links, They Know They're Toxic

Well, gee, Ralph, perhaps someone took him aside and explained what would happen if you managed to become President (do you really think you’d get anything done with a Congress that is wholly united against you? If you want to break the two-party system, then you have to build a new party. But you don’t seem to be interested in that for some reason).

Time Crisis — but in Flash!

The films that Could Have Been.

This year's geekiest copyright violation!

What's that smell? (I can't remember smelling bad things when I was there last, but it was a while ago))

Anyone for socks?

No link, but I'm amused by people who say that the suffragettes weren't hardcore feminists (I'm sure that some of the opponents back then would have begged to differ).

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Lawyers! Start Your Engines!

Colorado is going to be fun in November…

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A Last Hurrah?

(By the way, if the BPI is reading — I have permission, from the band themselves, to spread this song far and wide. So that’s what I’m doing here.)

Somewhere, what sounds like an out-of-tune version of the lambada plays. Then the song begins: "Win your complaints / Slam the doors and break all the plates" It's an explosion of Phil Spector and Motown tricks; a group of indie kids break into the derelict remains of Detroit, discover the Funk Brothers' old equipment and immediately set to work breaking a million hearts in mono. This is an unmixed, low bit-rate, unfinished song, and it's still one of the best things I've heard all year; a transcendent piece of pop. And this week, of all weeks, I needed to know that music isn't just there to cause me grief.

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