Brought To You By The Numbers 25 and 45 And The Letter Q

This Friday’s selections are just the right thing for when an Autumn day is drawing to a close.

Epic 45I’m Getting Too Young For This

Epic 45 are a UK band, but this song comes recommended via Laura, Chapel Hill and the WXYC radio station (they don’t have a UK record deal at the moment). It has one of those guitar parts; gentle and disarming, introspective and star-gazing. The vocals are hidden behind multiple echo effects, a technique stolen from Disco Inferno (but if you’re going to steal, you might as well go after the best). It’s a song that is trying to express itself, but can’t, hiding behind its tricks, offering brief glimpses of its real state of mind.

Section 25Inspiration

Another old Factory record. This one is much closer to the traditional Factory sound; not surprising considering that this was produced by Bemusic, or New Order under a pen name. A stripped-down dance tune, with a very simple synth melody (which sounds fantastic, but it’s only about five notes), a spaced-out drum beat, and the ever-helpful advice of “once you’ve left the floor, there ain’t no beat no more”. It’s perfect listening for 1am…

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Continung Suckage

Perhaps next week, then. Sorry!

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Happy 50th Birthday, Dad!

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For The Benefit of Mr. Kite

To the person who sent over 100 spam comments to this weblog today:

I really hope that your mobile phone number is discovered by persistent early-morning telemarketers…

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Monday's Links of Fun!

One of George Lucas’s many changes to the original Star Wars trilogy

All of Calvin & Hobbes, in one giant collection!


DODGE! THE! DOT! (and in the game…)

The TeeVee 2004 Awards.

To the sun, via paper folds!

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"I'm Selling These Fine Leather Jackets"

It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day. me hearties!

Avast! Arrr! Shiver and timbers! And suchlike.

Q. Why doesn't the Pirate Academy have a dean's list?

A. Cause they're all sea students.


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This Is Radio Free Europe

This week! A Scandinavian special!

The KnifeHeartbeats


Two songs, one from Sweden, the other from Norway, both harking back to the magic discontinuity of 1982-3, when New Pop was in ascendence. The Knife is helped by the stilted voice and a jaunty Cyndi Lauper-esque backing track, snarling rage and disappointment bubbling under the surface. Annie, on the other hand, is silky smooth, channelling Trevor Horn and ABC to come up with The Look of Love (Part 23). Annoyingly, Annie's new album, Anniemal (yes, I know. Take it from me — what I heard almost makes up for the criminal pun), keeps on being delayed; it was supposed to be released in the UK this week, but it's now looking likely for early 2005. See if you can get hold of a pre-release copy from the usual file-sharing networks.

Oh, and finally, because nobody demanded it!

Vanilla Ice & The Fun Loving CriminalsVanilla Ice Snacks

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You like those windows?

The US Army is good at persuasion, isn’t it?

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Greatest Crossovers In History!

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Warning: Post may involve lots of laughter at the Countryside Alliance.

Despite an invasion of the House of Commons, and a 20,000 strong protest outside Parliament (which turned violent, something which last year's anti-war demonstration, consisting of one million people, didn't. Funny that, considering how the Left are always portrayed as the ones who cause all the problems), the House of Commons passed a Bill to outlaw fox-hunting, by 356 votes to 166. The Government has also warned the House of Lords that if they try to reject the bill, the Parliament Act of 1911 will be invoked and the Lords will be overruled.


It took them look enough. The Countryside Alliance would have you believe that fox-hunting is a tradition, a fine sport, and the only way to humanely control the fox population, and as such deserves to continue. Which is total bobbins. Even if being ripped to pieces by hounds is more humane than other methods (somehow, I'm not convinced), you don't go out on a fox hunt with the express purpose of animal control. They call it a sport. From Webster's 1913 dictionary, sport is defined as:

That which diverts, and makes mirth; pastime; amusement.

It's not animal control; it's a bunch of people getting on horses having a good time killing animals. And surely, we're beyond that sort of sport by now.

And tradition? Please. Tell me, if tradition is so important, then why are dogfighting, cockfighting, and badger-baiting banned? These also have a long history, but were banned long ago. Perhaps because they weren't protected by the aristocracy in the Lords, seeing as how they were "working-class" sports. If they can be outlawed, then I see no reason why the equally brutal fox hunts can't.

I feel sorry for the people that will lose their jobs, and I hope the Government will be able to provide assistance for either retraining them or establishing drag hunts (a hunt which uses an artificial scent instead), but I'm not sorry that their jobs are going.

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