Still in mourning

Over a week later, and Chapel Hill hasn’t quite recovered from the calamity of November 2nd…


No, really. Surely, if you have a moral objection to contraception, the life of a pharmacist is not for you?

Yay for John Ashcroft leaving! Statues all over the country are breathing a sigh of relief. Also I hear he’s got a promising recording career ahead of him.

(Also, the work of his replacement. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss)

Also! 21-23% of self-identified gay people have some explaining to do. I can’t wrap my head around this…


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Life As A Troll


"Yes, I Am Laura"

Courtesy of Laura, the greatest page on the Internet!

Just What Is A Roundabout?

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Bear Goes To School

I went to class today! Leigh invited me to sit in on her History lecture. Apparently, Friday’s lecture was all about 80s punk rock in America, but today it was about Feminism. It was quite fun, as far as university lectures go; the girl from Manchester who had a go at the Preacher a couple of weeks back was in the class, and she brought in a copy of that Daily Mirror cover for everybody to chuckle at. It was a friendly lecture, the kind that I always wished I had, but I did a science degree, and British universities don’t offer the same flexibility as American ones. A shame, really; I wanted to rectify that when I came here, but as a graduate student, I was locked into the same trap as I was in Manchester. Anyway, it was an interesting look at The Path Not Taken.

The final week! And I’ve already bought Christmas presents for Mum and Bonnie. Me: Ahead of the curve. Although I haven’t applied for that job yet, but I’ve been busy today. Perhaps tomorrow.

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I became a troll this afternoon, living under the bridge at Bolin Creek. I shall live under the road and demand tolls from passing goats.

It’s what I’m good for.

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You Shall Go To The Ball!

Shoes courtesy of the Fairy Godmother, also known as Allison G…

Title Left Blank

Driving today. well, not me, but I was in a car…

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We're with you, John

Kerry was baffled. He said with a sigh to one top staffer, "I can't believe I'm losing to this idiot."

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Yay! Presents!

Laura rocks!

(although as I said, I don't think the album on the left is going to survive when mum gets her hands on it…)