A Quick Question

If you’re spending the next hour downloading an MPEG version of a bad VHS-copy of a late-night ITV music series that just happened to follow Kenickie around on their final tour, does that mean you have a problem?

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Gwen & BeMusic Productions

Gwen StefaniWhat You Waiting For (remix)

Gwen Stefani’s latest single, What You Waiting For sounds like a clock to me; a carefully constructed mechanism where everything has been carefully slotted into place to make a bouncy Europop song. This Jacques Lu Cont remix is what happens when the mechanism begins to wind down; the quartz crystal jumps to a different beat than the Universal Time of the original. Large swathes of Electronic’s Getting Away With It seem to be pasted over the melody, which is no bad thing either.

Gwen Stefani and Bernard SumnerThe Real Thing (iTunes link)

This is from her new album as well, and sounds as New Order-y as something very New Order indeed. Not just because Bernard supplies backing vocals, or the sound of the synths that sound as if they’ve come straight from the Haçienda; even the lyrics sound familiar, with the oft-repeating Barney trick of rhyming ‘away’ with ‘stay’ (No-one ever said he was the best lyricist in the world). Oh, and Peter Hook plays the bass. So if you are in any doubt about whether I’m writing a load of rubbish (er… — Ed.), go to 2:40, and listen as the vocals drop away to reveal Hook beneath, if you haven’t noticed it already. Oooh, there’s a new New Order album out next year. Can you tell I’m excited?

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Picture Time!

The extent of my abilities with Illustrator:

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The Staging Area!

Next week, this will all be on the house…

Turkey Boo

Let’s celebrate shipping off our religious nut-cases overseas! It didn’t come back to bite us at all…

(Happy Thanksgiving, America!)

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You Can Compliment Me With Links

The film I’m eagerly awaiting at the moment.

Eeeep. When mobile phones go bad!

Fun radios!

The Secret Version of To Kill A Mockingbird.

A very strange Japanese comic with disappearing schoolchildren and a huge whale.

Also! Colin Powell in “huge pot calling kettle black” incident.

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Learn To Become Invisible With HP

A slight downside in that it needs to work with compatible cameras. If you don’t fancy waiting for that, then get yourself a laser pointer and disappear into the red.

I don’t know; is telling people how to avoid CCTV detection a terrorist offence yet?

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More Songs In The Key of Chapel Hill

These two songs come from the same night, the always-entertaining WXYC 80s Dance at the Cat’s Cradle. Feather boas, legwarmers, and glitter abounded, but here’s two songs that I’ll remember from back then:

Modern EnglishI’ll Melt With You

Despite it being over twenty years old, I hadn’t heard this until the night itself. Modern English were originally a punk band known as The Lepers, but exposure to Joy Division led to their first album under their new name (1981’s Mesh & Lace) becoming a downbeat post-punk gloom piece. Happily for all concerned, they had all bought themselves a big ice-cream by the time 1982 came around, so After The Snow wasn’t quite so goth. They still couldn’t find any success in the UK, but I’ll Melt With You became a huge hit on American radio, even ending up as part of the soundtrack to Valley Girl. The single stalled just outside the American Top 40, but the infectious hooks and glorious “mmm mmm mmm” finale meant that it stayed inside the hearts and minds of young Americans everywhere. So, hurrah for America for loving a song which we didn’t! That doesn’t entirely let you off the hook for Clay Aiken, but it’s a start.

(the version linked above is the 7” remix, which is what I think they actually played at the Cradle, whereas I only have the album version at the moment. The only difference seems to be louder synths on the single)

LazyboyUnderwear Goes Inside The Pants

Strictly speaking, I didn’t hear this at the dance, as it’s a new song. But! I did hear it on the night itself, when Laura and I were heading out to Wal-Mart at 3am to buy white trainers. What? Anyway, this song came on the radio, and we sat in the parking lot cracking up as it got funnier and funnier. A withering spoken-word attack on the Western World as it is in 2004. Remember the great Obesity Epidemic of 2004, my friends…

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New Features!

Just a tiny cosmetic change, to be honest. The navigation bar (to your left; the bit with the red rollovers done entirely in CSS) has been altered. I’ve removed the IM link, on the grounds that I haven’t logged into MSN for almost a year, so it’s a little pointless to leave it there. Instead, I’ve replaced it with an archive of music-related entries. So, if the BPI want to check that there aren’t any MP3s hosted on my home server, they can use that page as a handy reference point.

I’m currently thinking about my Christmas decorations. Dad is busy plotting this year’s festival of lights (incidentally, the switch on party is on December 4th, if anybody wants to come along), so I guess it’s time to make this site look a little festive. I probably won’t be doing the Advent Calendar this time around, but if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them…

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