Adventures In Link Referrals!

Today’s entry: “email contact of fine men and girls in London 2005”

Well. perhaps Richard will leave his number in the comments, but I’m not promising anything…

(apologies for dismal updates recently. Must do better, I know)

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Link Eternal

Oooh. Free multimedia hosting. Forever! (terms and conditions apply!)

Black holes!

DALEKS! (I’m far too excited about this, you know)

Okay, it’s going to cost at least $100, but it contains parts of Alan Moore’s script, extensive notes, and all-new colouring. Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Another case of a record company supporting its artists, I see…

Peter Kay saves the record industry!

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A Sad Comment On Today's World

Witness! The black market underground of…

Blue Peter badges. Yours for the low price of £20.

We live in a sick and twisted world…

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

And, a little bit of advice to those of you in Chapel Hill:

Every year on this day, the comic shop in the town has a big sale; comics and graphic novels at excellent prices! So, if you’re in the area, I suggest you have a look (I arrived ONE day late for this sale last year! Bah. But they had a Hallowe’en sale as well, so I did okay in the end). It’s Chapel Hill Comics, on Rosemary Street. Just go through the Bank of America building, carrying on until you get down the steps onto Rosemary, past the nightclub that changes its name every year because the owners go bust when the students leave in May, and out onto the path. Head towards Columbia, and it’s on your left!

(Everybody else: umm, I don’t know. Wear something green?)

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It is rather annoying, that if it wasn’t for somebody demanding a photograph, the IRA would have probably disarmed last year…

(and it’s not just the IRA who are still involved in paramilitary violence in Ulster)

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A Game of Links

The Case of The Mysterious Shoes!

I want one!

M.I.A. striking a Neneh Cherry pose.

Another love letter to the iPod.

Google talks! (When it becomes sentient and starts designing killer robots, then we’ll all be sorry!)

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Asking The Important Questions


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*sigh* Here we go again…

(If nothing else, George Lucas knows how to make a trailer that punches all of the geek buttons)

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I seem to have a job. How did that happen?

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He’s in the House. He’s voting. But he won’t enter the chamber. Which seems a little gutless, to be frank.

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