Tom is currently abusing a drill and trying to make holes in his wall. Apparently, the new kitchen is going to be finished tomorrow…

The Photolog Is Back!

Just in time for going off to Manchester…

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The Ketchup Is Strong With This One

This may be the greatest toy in the known universe…

State of The Blog

As it turns out, the last entry gets to live!

Okay, so, new server, new, shiny version of MovableType, and a migration to a MySQL database. I'm sure you're all giddy at the prospect at the fun times ahead!


Things that don't work: Hobart Paving hasn't been imported into the database yet, so there's that to do. It's my excuse for not updating it in ages - I didn't have the space for uploading any more artwork. And now I don't have that excuse. Hmm. Okay, perhaps I might write something on the next couple of weeks, once I get it imported (which won't happen until I'm back from Manchester).

The Avatar code isn't working, and I can't work out why at the moment, so that may take a week or so. Everything else, though, should be peachy keen. Tell me if it's not.

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We'll Meet Again…Quite Soon In Fact

Okay, this site will hopefully be moving in the next 24 hours, which means: this entry, and all the comments attached to it will disappear when the site moves to a different server. So go crazy! This is your chance for MAD COMMENT FUN!

(Going from 50MB to 2.4Gb hosting. Should ease a few of my worries…)

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Eeek! My Childhood!

Just finished watching the Time Shift documentary of Russell T. Davies, and I’ve discovered that he’s responsible for even more of my childhood viewing than I originally thought. Besides the peerless Dark Season serial (which I loved so much that my first submission to the BBC’s drama department stole one character completely outright. Because you can never have enough blond-haired, evil guys in sunglasses. I was saving the lesbian dominatrixes for the second series, though), he also wrote for On The Waterfront (yes, he did the redubbed scripts for The Flashing Blade), Breakfast Serials, and something that I’ve suspected for years: he changed Why Don’t You from a dull, Blue Peter-lite format into a show where children defeated the evil supercomputer in the basement using the power of Shake’n’Vac.

(Sometimes, I think I’m the only person who remembers that, so it was nice to see footage so I can prove it really happened)

(Plus! Queer as Folk! Which I suppose I should watch someday…)

And now, he’s writing Doctor Who! And! IS THAT A UNIT STORY I SEE COMING OUR WAY?


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I'll Show You Maps

Google Maps is fun!

The Golden Gate Bridge!

Area 51 (helpfully blanked out so we can’t SEE THE SECRET STUFF!)

Washington Monument

UNC-Chapel Hill!

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My World Has Fallen Apart


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Reasons To Love The Internet, Part #346

I was watching Commedy Connections and lamenting the fact that you can’t get A Bit of Fry & Laurie on DVD. However, a quick perusal of the Internet uncovered a selection of torrent files, covering all four series. Hurrah for the Internet!

(I have the script book for the first series, and can get access to the other scripts, but there’s something about seeing the delivery - which I intend to do this weekend!)

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Franklin Street on Monday Night


And I thought Halloween was crowded...