All-New Disturbing Tales of Superman!


Girls: Don’t trust Jimmy Olsen.



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The Jungle!

Watch out for tiggers!

Evey Evey Evey Evey Evey

You have to hand it to the Government. Not satisfied with one huge, highly-volatile database, the likes of which the world has never seen before, they want another one! Only this time, little black boxes in Britain’s 30m cars will be talking to satellites, keeping track of us wherever we go (unless, er, you drive a car that doesn’t have a box inside. I’m guessing that the Transport Secretary has a plan for that. Although I’m not optimistic).

Good evening, London. It’s nine o’clock and this is the Voice of Fate broadcasting on 275 and 285 metres in the medium wave.

Meanwhile, from the “juxtaposition that makes you laugh and despair at the same time”-department:

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"I Know It's Out Of Fashion, And A Trifle Uncool"

No better soundtrack to this weekend, I think (This Is The Ice Age and Danseparc are also well worth tracking down, but sadly, all three are a little hard to find on CD, although at least they’re in print in the UK).

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Live 8’s response to recent criticism: Stereophonics drafted in to play London. And if you don’t pipe down, they’ll do a Phil Collins with them…

Oh, goodness, and the zombified remains of Queen as well!

If we have a Spice Girls reunion, Geri is non-negotiable. All five, throwing evil glances at each other, and an evil Simon Fuller laughing maniacally in the background. We might as well get some entertainment from the night…because it’s not going to come from Sting and Madonna’s duet of Imagine (which may be the moment where the G8 will finally cave, if only to end the hideous nightmare).

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Fold Your Links Child, And Walk Like A Peasant

Sasha Frere-Jones (a critic for the New Yorker) announces that he will no longer review music that is only available through listening sessions, and EMI announces that their secrecy protocols for the new Coldplay album have been so successful that X&Y only leaked a week before the UK release date. Before going on to say that they don’t think pre-release leaking harms music sales, but they’ll spend all the money on trying to prevent it anyway.

(Incidentally, how did EMI get to be so dependent on Coldplay, anyway? I remember buying Shiver five (six?) years ago, and thinking that it was okay for a Jeff Buckley impression, but nothing all that special. And now they’re the biggest band in Britain. Yes, my music prediction skills are almost as good as my political ones)

Everybody needs one of these! Secure that ice-cream, soldier!

I want this t-shirt.

The Japanese show, once again, that they are strange, freaky, and capable of making the most wonderful of toys.

The secret themes within Revenge of The Sith (warning: is completely nuts).

And finally, Jamie Hewlett’s comic adaptation of Pulp’s Common People!

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Not Getting Off To A Good Start

I promise to be positive about something this week. But before that:

Live 8 Press Conference

Live 8. Sure, Bob, it has nothing to do with Live Aid. Completely different logos, for a start.

Live Aid logo


So, then, the lineup. The French are punished for voting “no” on Sunday by having to face the twin evils of both Craig David and Jamiroquai (which seems harsh any way you look at it), and the rest of the line-up around the world looks just as uninspiring (Coldplay and Snow Patrol at the same venue? Aha, a game of spot the difference played before millions!). Anybody want to take bets on Sir Fabba Macca Thumbs Aloft McCartney performing a sing-a-long version of Let It Be? And what about people who don’t have a mobile phone? I realise that there’s only about five of us left in the country, but still, it hurts to be left out of the ticket lottery!

Ehh, maybe I’m being too hard. My original thought when hearing about this was that it was an obvious spoiler for the G8 protests in Scotland; keep the kiddies occupied while the leaders talk. But it’s clear that Ure and Geldof want Scotland protests. And in a big way. It just feels wrong, really, that here we are, twenty years later, and it’s the same names, trying to replicate an almost unique event. As if they’re trying to make up for the failures of Band Aid and Live Aid. And as if the leaders will listen. You can really see George Bush thinking “Muse are against poverty? Well, damn it, they’re my favourite neo-prog-rock-Britpop band! Dick, get me the Treasury on the phone, I’m gonna make a phone call…”

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A Diversion

When you’ve finished laughing at Daniel Beddingfield’s inability to break the Top 40 (Bonnie and I have been chuckling about it all day, apart from when I’ve been saying “Are you my mummy?” in childlike tones to freak her out), here’s a little quiz.

First person to identify the comic that goes with each balloon (you don’t have to do the NEVER!!! one) wins a prize!

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Yay Summer!

Thermometer outside reads 32˚C. Hurrah!

(stays inside all day to celebrate)

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Moaning Ian

It seems all this week, I’ve been moaning and groaning. Sorry about that. One last moan though:

Huh? Considering how I was walking around Chapel Hill in September 2003 with a copy of Final Straw, how on earth is it eligible for this year’s Novellos?

Also: KEANE? A nation weeps, as the doom-laden sound of a frog can be heard on the horizon…

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